10 Best Winter Skin Care Tips for Men

Winter is good, great in fact! The feelings of ice skating, skiing, and other winter sports are phenomenal.

But damn it that we always have to deal with flaking nose, rock-hard and bleeding nose and lit up cheeks.

Cold climate and seasons can really damage the skin. And this is always evident on the hands, forearms, face, and ankles.

Apart from having to deal with ice flakes on your windshield, taking care of the skin is another difficult task during cold seasons.

The good news is that all this is avoidable, provided that you follow the right Winter skin care tips.

Here are 10 winter skincare tips for men. Be conversant with what your skin needs during this time of the year.

Cover Your Skin

Cover Your Skin - Winter Skin care tips

Exposing your skin during Winter has two effects – cold and dryness. Prevent these two by minimizing your skin’s exposure to winter winds and cold air.

During cold weather, put on your jacket, wear gloves, and cover your nose and mouth with a scarf. The goal is to minimize direct contact with the cold air.

Warm, Not Hot Showers

Warm, Not Hot Showers

You’re always tempted to go for hot showers when it’s freezing outside. Try to resist this feeling.

Hot showers strip your body of its natural oils that act as a defense mechanism against cold temperatures.

Dermatologists recommend warm (bolded) showers during cold weather. Warm water does not only benefit your skin but also relieves the muscles of its sores.

Turning down your shower temperature will do more good to your skin than you thought.

Also, if you’re planning on showering daily, cut short the time you spend in the bathroom.

Having long warm showers has no difference from hot showers. Doing so helps your body’s natural oils stay put.

Say No to Loofahs and Washcloth


This is going to be difficult, but you have to stop using your loofah or washcloth. We love these two as they make us feel clean by thoroughly stripping our skin’s top layer off.

Well, this is also the reason why they should be avoided.

Thoroughly cleaning your top layer can result to dry skin. Just like other things on this list, loofahs and wash clothes strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving you dry and itchy during the cold weather.

What then should you use?

Use your hands to wash your entire body. It has been tested and proven. It isn’t harsh on your skin.

Use Gentle Soap

gentle soap for men

Bar soaps contain harsh ingredients, perfumes included. This can cause havoc to your skin, especially during the cold weather.

Soap residues cause irritation to the skin if met by the cold weather.

When purchasing your soap, first check out its ingredients. Avoid products with deodorants, perfumes, or antibacterial components.

If you can’ pronounce the ingredients, they’re probably not worth on your skin.

However, a better option would be to go for a natural face and body cleanser.

Moisturize, and Moisturize Again


Men, now more than ever, are incorporating moisturizer into their skincare routine.

A new study from Mintel shows that 58% of men aged between 18 and 24 use moisturizers daily. The figures increase for men between 25 and 34 years at 63%.

Moisturizers are heavily important during cold weather, where everything seems to snatch natural oils from your skin – hot water, bars, soaps, and loofahs and cloth washes.

During cold times, look out for thick and rich natural moisturizers with specific ingredients for the best results.

These include:


Antioxidants include green tea, grape seed, coffeeberry, soy, lycopene, and Vitamins B3, C, and E.

It fight free radicals, which are the molecules responsible for cell damage.


Humectants serve the purpose of attracting additional moisture to the skin. They include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, sodium PCA, glycols, and sorbitol. 


These include cocoa butter, shea butter, mineral oils, plant oils, animal oils, petrolatum, and silicones. Their purpose is to prevent the skin from losing its moisture.

Avoid petroleum, which prevents the skin from breathing and leads to inflammation, dehydration, and breakouts.

Go for plant oils instead. These are the best. They penetrate the skin quickly and deeply for long-lasting hydration.

They also have vitamins and antioxidants to protect and nourish the skin from cold weather conditions.


To prevent your skin from aging even during cold weather

During Winter, your skincare routine should include a natural face cleanser, a specially formulated exfoliator, a natural moisturizer, and sunscreen.

All these will leave your skin clear, bright, and healthy.

Increase Your Intake of Omega-Rich Diet


Essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and 6 are essential in retaining your skin’s moisture.

Unfortunately, your body doesn’t produce these on its own. That’s why you need to include them in your diet.

Foods rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids include mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout and other cold-water fish, chia seeds, nuts, flax, whole grains, and olive oil.

You can also opt for supplements, but these don’t come with the full benefits of dietary fatty acids. 

Eight Glasses of Water

Eight Glasses of Water

One of our favorite quotes here at Men Glow Up is “Drink 8 glasses of water daily.” And we’ll not tire to repeat it.


Because we are fully aware of the benefits that water brings to the body, and especially the skin. Water helps your body to replenish the essential oils you lose in the day.

Alternatively, you can also consume lots of fruits and veggies that have high water content. Examples are cucumbers, celery, pineapples, and watermelons.

Drinking water is a simple task that often gets forgotten. Make an effort to drink more water daily.

Take Very Good Care of Your Skin

Have you ever babysat?

Men's skincare routine

You’re always caring and loving to the young angel. That’s how you should treat your skin during cold weather. Take really good care of your skin.

Add intensive treatment to your routine, like a weekly exfoliating or mask treatment using a face scrub.

Microdermabrasion is also another excellent option to consider, especially if you have lots of buildup in your rough patches or pores due to dryness.

Go for a product that allows you to adjust the intensity (speed and roughness) of your treatment in regards to your skin’s needs.

Using masks and peels once a week is another excellent way of treating your skin at a deep level.

Just ensure that the ingredients you use don’t react adversely with your skin.

During the cold Winter seasons, go the extra mile to give your skin a healthy glow and make you look younger.

As you do so, avoid products with alcohol and petroleum as their ingredients. These will dry and cause irritation to your skin.

A Humidifier Comes In Handy

A Humidifier Comes In Handy

When your skin becomes dry every time you turn on the heater, then means lack of interior humidity is responsible.

It’s a wake-up call that you need to buy a humidifier. These are affordable and good for the cold seasons. They allow you to hydrate while indoors.

An ideal humidifier spans over 1600 square feet. This is enough to cover every room in the house.

It increases the air’s room by 45% to 55%. Dry air will be a thing of the past in your home.

Shave Better

Shaving can be havoc on cold, dry skin – men with beards can relate.

But a combination of the right products and techniques will see you through successfully.

Put aside your disposable razors during the winter. Learn how to use a straight razor or, better yet, purchase a quality safety razor.

The aim is to look for a blade that will sweep clean on the first and second cuts. A close and quick shave spares your skin from the cuts and wounds.

Don’t forget to use a natural shaving gel or moisturizing soap.

Also, ensure that your aftershave balm is alcohol-free.

If it contains alcohol, don’t be scared of replacing it with a deeply hydrating cream.

Let moisturizing be the last step when shaving. Anything you put on your skin during cold weather will be fully absorbed into the skin.

So, ensure it is nourishing and not depleting.


Taking care of your skin during cold weather should be priority number one as a man.

Having supple and healthy skin will make you look great regardless of what you put on.

But the problem is that most cheap skincare products feature alcohol and petroleum in their ingredients. Avoid these at all costs.

As earlier mentioned, these two block your pores leading to dryness and irritation. Spend the extra cash for quality products made from natural ingredients.

Experiment with the given tips to get the best out of your skin – the most important ones being moisturizing and exfoliating.

Winter is a time to enjoy skiing and ice skating and not worrying about how your skin fares on.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be good to go.

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  1. This should be updated because no one needs to Drink Eight Glasses of Water. I work in a hospital, and this article omits the fact that the majority of people also get hydration from foods that they eat. Such as fruits and vegetables, also overhydration can lead to death. Because it would shut down the kidneys, leading to total renal failure.

    • Hi Michael, Thanks for your feedback. According to the report: For someone eating a diet of 2,000 calories per day, this adds up to 2,000 ml (roughly 64 oz), or eight 8-oz glasses. But the report also declared that much of this water could be obtained from the foods you consume. Another probable origin of the 8×8 rule is the work of a nutritionist named Dr. Frederick Stare. He coauthored a book published in 1974 that recommended drinking six to eight glasses of water per day.

      The book also pointed out that fruits and vegetables, as well as other beverages, are high in water.


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