Which Beard Style Suits Me? – A MenGlowUp-Sized Guide

Choosing a beard style that suits you is the same dilemma as choosing your haircut. It is not enough to model a Hollywood superstar and copy their styles.

It must be that the beard style that you take is compatible with the nature of your hairstyle and the shape of your face.

You will have to look in the mirror and determine all these details before you can choose the right beard style.

How to Determine Your Face Shape?

Which Beard Style Suits Me? - Determine your face shape

Take some action

To determine your face shape, it is necessary to take some measurements first with the aid of a flexible tape measure (also called seamstress meter): it is thanks to its flexibility that different lengths of the face can be taken correctly.

Especially because of the nose. If it is obvious that it is enough for some men to position themselves in front of a mirror and to see in the space of two seconds the shape of theirs, other faces have more ambiguous forms.

It is also necessary to clear all the hair that may be on the forehead, to have a better overview.

determine your face shape

The measurements to be taken and noted precisely are the four different measures represented on the image just above. For example, the lengths of the face, forehead, cheekbones, and jaw.

The face

To know the length of your face, or rather its height simply measures the distance between the upper face and the chin. It is, therefore, necessary to place the edge of the tape measure at the level of the capillary implantation and unroll it to the middle of the tip of the chin, bypassing it through the nose.

When your hair is shaved, your head is balding, the hairline is just above the very first wrinkle when the forehead is wrinkled.


To know the length of the forehead, it is necessary to measure its length at its widest place, generally in the middle, at an equal distance between the line of implantation of the hair and the eyebrows.

As the forehead doesn’t include the temples, it is necessary to place the edge of the tape measure at the level of the cranial bone (often just above the point where the eyebrow forms a point before descending to the eye) and bring it to the other side of the forehead.


To know the length of the cheekbones, measure the distance between the cheekbones of both cheeks.

The edge of the tape measure should be placed on the protruding end of one of the two cheekbones (where the bone comes out most, usually just below the outer corner of the cheekbone and eyes), and bring it to the other cheekbone, in the same place, taking care to pass on the bridge of the nose.


To know the length of the jaw, it is necessary to measure the distance between the angle of the jaw and the chin.

Therefore, place the edge of the tape measure exactly where the bone of the jaw begins to rise towards the ear and bring it to the middle of the chin.

It is then necessary to multiply this measurement by 2 to obtain the exact length of this line of the jaw.

Find The Corresponding Shapes


Once these four measurements are noted, simply place them in descending order, from the largest to the smallest.

There are typically 6 different face shapes (round, square, oblong, diamond-shaped, triangular, and oval faces), and these lengths determine which category the face belongs to.

Round face: (face ≈ cheekbones> forehead ≈ jaw)

Round face
Round face

In a round face, the length of the face and that of the cheekbones have a similar value. They are larger than the forehead and jaw, which also have a similar value.

In addition, the angle of the jaw is very soft and not very marked, and this is what gives it roundness and clearly distinguishes it from the square face.

Square face: (face ≈ forehead ≈ cheekbones ≈ jaw)

Square face
Square face

In a square face, all measurements are roughly similar. None is really bigger than the other: the face is about as long as it is wide. The angle of the jaw is quite clear and rather well marked, and the sides of the face are fairly linear, which gives the appearance visually a square.

Oblong (or rectangular) face: (face> forehead ≈ cheekbones ≈ jaw)

oblong face (rectangular)
Oblong face (rectangular)

In a rectangular face, the length of the face is the largest measure. The other three (forehead, cheekbones, and jaw) are of similar value. The face is visibly longer than wide but necessarily “rectangular” in the sense that the angles are marked.

Diamond-shaped face (or rhombus): (face> cheekbones> forehead> jaw)

Diamond-shaped face
Diamond-shaped face

In a diamond-shaped face, the length of the face is also the largest measure. Then come, in descending order: the cheekbones, the forehead and the jaw (which therefore has the smallest measure). The chin is usually peak-shaped, and that’s what stands out the most.

Triangular face: (jaw> cheekbones> forehead)

triangular face
Triangular face

In a triangular face, the jaw is the largest, followed by smaller cheekbones, and an even smaller forehead. The characteristic of this form is that the length of the face does not matter: it can be of any measure. The jaw can also be square, long or wide.

Oval face: (face> cheekbones / forehead> jaw)

oval face
Oval face

In an oval face, the length of the face is larger than the length of the cheekbones, but the length of the forehead is also greater than the length of the jaw. The angle of this jaw is more rounded, and the chin is usually quite thin. Visually, it is about the shape of an egg placed upside down.

Which Beard Style Suits Me?

Well, now you have known your face shape. So how to choose the right beard style for your face shape?

If you have an oval-shaped face

Like I mentioned above, an oval face is determined by its rather rounded angle and a thin chin. The height of your face is greater than the width at the cheekbones. The width of the forehead is greater than that of the jaw.

Do not take it badly but I say that an oval face has the shape of an egg upside down!

If you belong to this face, you are a lucky guy because you have the greatest choice for your beard style.

You must only be careful to respect the general balance of your face. For example, do not prefer a beard style too long to not lengthen your face.

Which beard style to adopt for an oval face?

The 3-day beard will still look good, but you can afford a longer length.

Without exaggerating, a beard with a length of about 4 inches, for the hot period of the year, is virile and elegant, and you can wear it in all circumstances.

For winter, opt for the Garibaldi beard model to keep you warm, it is longer – but not more than 7.9 inches – fairly square and well supplied. The cut should be neat and the mustache impeccable.

What beard style to avoid?

There aren’t really any restrictions for this type of face shape. The only reservation is neglected styles and big sideburns or idle favorites.

Enjoy your chance to try a different beard style depending on the season.

If you have a round face

If your face is round, the angle of your jaw is soft and slightly arched. The height and width of the cheekbones are similar. The forehead and the jaw are a little less wide.

Men whose faces appear round give an impression of bonhomie reinforced by the round cheeks.

Which beard style to adopt for a round face?

If you want to soften the curves of your face, you will have to re-balance its proportions by lengthening it and thus give it a more oval shape.

For that, it is advisable to stretch your face by adopting a beard which lengthens it down.

So prefer a beard style long at the chin but runs on the cheeks. Leave the neck clear so as not to fall into excess.

Alternatively, you can choose the Van Dyke beard style that combines the mustache and goat only, often cut to a point, the rest must be shaved.

Or the goatee beard style where only the chin remains hairy, everything else is shaved.

In this case, the width of the beard is equal to that of your mouth. Both of these beard styles break the round line of the face.

What beard style to avoid?

The most common mistake is to choose a big thick beard with the idea of ​​changing the proportions of the face.

On the contrary, to avoid accentuating the roundness of your face, large bulky beards are discouraged. The thick, full beards accentuate the round cheeks.

The beard under necklaces is the most incompatible with a round face. As they do not draw the jaw bone, they further enhance the feeling of roundness.

If You Have a Square-shaped Face

A square face, by definition, has equal measures in height and width.

The particularity is the angle of the jaw is very pronounced. The sides are fairly straight but the cheeks can be a little hollow.

It seems that we are never happy with what we have. While the round faces want to give angles to their look, the square faces seek on the contrary to attenuate the angles.

It is a way for them to give a more sympathetic and more pleasant impression thanks to a softer expression.

It happens on the opposite side that men want to accentuate the virility of their square jaws by still pressing the right angles.

Which beard style to adopt for a square face?

If you are one of those who wish to soften the slightly angular shape of their face, a single mustache can do the trick.

In any case, it is important to leave the bare cheek.

The Balbo beard style is especially recommended. It’s a beard style cut into three parts: a medium-sized mustache that follows the line of your mouth; the chin hair that is connected to your lower lip; and the lower part of the hair that is on and under your chin and must look like a T upside down.

You can also choose the goat style which thanks to its roundness, attenuates the straight lines a little too rigid of your face.

If on the contrary, you count among those who want to strengthen the virility of a square face, the idea is to let you grow a beautiful full beard, rather short to emphasize your square jaw.

Raze all the hairs of the neck while applying to you to follow the line of your lower jaw. The important thing is that this beard is perfectly drawn. You will be at the top of masculinity with this beard style.

What beard style to avoid?

If you have opted for the mustache alone, forget the paws. Beyond their rather old-fashioned side, they have the ability to pack a square face and give it a bit prehistoric appearance.

You must be careful not to let your beard grow too much. A full beard too rich gives too much thickness and weighs down the face.

By unbalancing the line of a square face, a neglected beard gives the appearance of a rough-cut brute.

If you have a Triangular, Oblong or Diamond-shaped face

If you have a triangular face, your forehead is the widest part of your face, then come your cheekbones, your jaw to end with a rather pointed chin.

It is the chin that gives the impression of the triangle and you easily find the parade thanks to a beard style that will upset the proportions.

You have to find a new balance by modifying volumes.

  • If you have an oblong – or rectangular face: your face is higher than wide. The forehead, the cheekbones, and the jaw are the same width. Oblong implies that the angles of your face are quite soft, rectangular, on the contrary, the angles are straight and marked.
  • If you have a diamond-shaped face: your face is taller than it is wide. These are the cheekbones that have the greatest width. The forehead and the jaw are approximately the same widths and the chin is generally pointed.

For these three forms of the face, it is the same beard styles that should be preferred and the same beard styles that must be avoided. The goal is to re-balance the proportions of the face and favor the lower third of the face to hide the chin.

Which beard style to adopt for a triangular, oblong, or diamond face?

In these three cases, it is the often pointed form of the chin that men seek to mitigate and they will prefer large and provided beards.

In the case of triangular, oblong, or diamond-shaped faces, the complete beard is perfectly suitable. It must be consistent and of course, never trim it to a point.

Be careful not to confuse a bulky beard with a neglected beard. You must not leave your beard “in the wild” but rather maintain it, especially in the case of a complete beard.

The alternative is to divert attention from the pointed chin by preferring several small hairy areas rather than a single mass.

In this case, you can choose a single mustache or paws. Whatever your choice, these parts must be perfectly maintained to stay clean and not look a little doubtful.

What beard style to avoid?

All beard styles that focus on the lower face are proscribed. They accentuate the sharp effect of the chin instead of concealing it or at least alleviating it.

Forget the goats, beards or other collars of beards that attract attention where it should not.

Here is for this overview of beard styles to adapt according to your face.

Of course, you are free to try anything to find your personal style. This is also the advantage of beards which you can daily correct the size.

Also, take advantage of the seasons to adapt and change your look.

How to Choose The Beard Style? – Pro Tips

There are also 2 things you can consider when choosing a beard style.

Choose Your Beard Style According to Beard’s Density

If you have the chance to have a beard covering the entire face of the chin cheeks, as well as the contour of the lips and this is a fairly dense manner, you will then be spoiled for choice among the styles mentioned above and you can even make your images speak to best suit your own style.

If you are among those with a sparse beard, with white areas here and there, know that there is, unfortunately, no miracle product that will grow your beard in a short period of time, even if some products such as beard vitamins as well as your diet will help your hair to breakthrough.

While waiting for the beard that you would like, take the lead and study your beard to define more or less provided areas and choose a plot accordingly.

  • Don’t hesitate to completely shave the areas that would not be properly defined because they often end up being unsightly.
  • Don’t hesitate to combine mustache and goatee, or adjust the line of mowing to keep the most aesthetic parts.

Choose Your Beard Style According to Your Haircut

Choose Your Beard Style According to Your Haircut

The beard style you choose should be different from your haircut, to provide real added value.

An imposing haircut will be better with a discreet beard, while an imposing beard will be more suitable for a discreet haircut.

Do not hesitate to play and test different combinations, and ask the opinion of those around you, even professionals. The profession of barber is back in force lately.

Top 10 Best Beard Styles For Men of 2020

In this article, to help you make your choice, I will introduce you to the top 10 best beard styles in 2020 or you might also like: 11 Cool Beard Styles For Men – A MenGlowUp-Sized Guide of 2020.

#1 3-Day Beard

3-days Beard
3-day Beard

Elegant and versatile, the 3-day beard is probably the beard style most worn by men today.

This falsely neglected look will bring you virility and charisma. Provided, of course, to maintain your beard regularly with a beard trimmer.

#2 Short Beard

Short beard
Short Beard

This is the trendiest beard style of the moment. This look, which is both masculine and elegant, is more and more adapted by men.

With this mature and protective side that gives you a 10-day beard, you are likely to please women.

Indeed, a study conducted by the University of New South Wales in Australia showed that women preferred the 10-day-old beard.

In addition, if you have a sparse beard, your beard will appear more uniform and less neglected. Consult our guide to trim and maintain your beard now.

#3 Full Beard

Full Beard
Full Beard

The full beard is for men who have a naturally provided beard.

Formerly reserved for seniors, the full beard is now modern and trendy. In particular, it has been updated by the Hipsters, a vintage love community.

However, this beard style that requires the most maintenance and the most time.

In fact, it usually takes several months to obtain a complete perfect beard. You can use a natural beard accelerator product to stimulate and accelerate the growth of the beard.

In addition, the hipster beard is preferably associated with a very classy dress style, to avoid the neglected look.

#4 GoatsBeard

Goat Beard

The goat is a best beard style that surrounds the mouth. It consists of a goatee and a mustache.

Especially trendy in the 2000s, the goat is a timeless classic and goes everywhere.

This beard style is particularly suitable for men who have a round face, giving the impression of lengthening the face and reduce its roundness.

The goat is simple to obtain, provided it is maintained regularly and carefully.

#5 Goatee Beard

Goatee Beard
Goatee Beard

The goatee is a small beard that covers the chin and can take many forms. It is usually worn with the fly, also called stamp, but it can also be worn without.

The rest of the beard is shaved, including the mustache. If the goatee is short and thin, it is called a goatee.

For a trendy and modern style, keep your goatee steady so that it presses the bottom of your face without disrupting the overall look of your style.

#6 The Van Dyke Beard

Van-Dyke Beard

Van Dyke beard style is named after a famous painter of the 17th century Flemish portrait artist Anthony van Dyck. It consists of a full goat with a separate mustache.

Although several variants exist, the authentic Van Dyke is composed of a pointed goatee and a well carved and supplied fly.

To keep a modern look, make sure your mustache is no longer than your goatee. This style, called an imperial beard, is outdated and is no longer worn today.

#7 Anchor or Balbo Beard Style

Anchor beard
Anchor (Balbo) beard

This beard style owes its name to its shape. It consists of a mustache and a goatee that extends on the jaw giving the impression of forming an anchor on the face.

The anchor, also called Balbo, refers to Italo Balbo. This Italian politician man is the first one to wear this beard style.

Balbo is thinner than Goat. Its shape is not rounded but slightly triangular on the sides. This beard style seduced many personalities like the actor of Iron Man, Robert Downey.

#8 The Fly or Stamp Beard Style

Fly (Stamp) Beard
Fly (Stamp) Beard

Particularly popular with Latin, Italian, or Spanish men, the fly designates the hairs located below the lower lip. The patch is actually a fly whose hairs are elongated to form a vertical line in the center of the chin. This is the simplest beard style to achieve.

However, not everyone can carry the fly. Indeed, it must be dense enough to be able to display it.

#9 The Pointed Beard Style

Pointed beard
Pointed Beard

The pointed beard, also called Ducktail, is a very structured beard with a length effect down.

This beard style, both wild and controlled, will give you a distinguished and original look.

The principle of the Ducktail is to ensure that the hairs are longer and longer, that is to say, short at the cheekbones and long at the chin.

To do this, we will play on the lengths using several heights of hooves to create a progressive gradient print.

However, to wear it with elegance, this beard of beard requires a lot of patience and maintenance.

#10 The Wild Beard Style

Wild Beard
Wild Beard

The wild beard style is the most natural beard style.

To get this beard style, you just have to let it grow for several months, even years.

The maintenance of this beard style is essential and the application of a beard oil daily is essential to avoid knots and facilitate the cap.

To contrast with the neglected appearance of your beard, you will need to pay close attention to your dress style, which will have to go to perfection, and look after your haircut.


No matter the age, social class, or skin color, the beard is fashionable. There are, however, a multitude of beard styles, which are not all suitable for everyone.

Which Beard Style Suits Me?

Depending on the shape of your face, the density of implantation of your hair, or simply your overall style of your haircut, some beards will go like a glove, while others will not necessarily put you in value.

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