What’s the Best Safety Razor For Beginners?

Many times people have asked me, “what’s the best safety razor for beginners?”.

And every time my answer has been “Edwin Jagger DE87BL” (Edwin Jagger Double Edge 87DL). I intend to keep my answer constant unless another incredible safety razor pops up (which I highly doubt).

Not disputing other brands and products as incompetent, but the Edwin Jagger DE87BL has set the bar a little too high.

What I’m saying is that over-shadowing this razor might require more than mediocrity.

What Is a Safety Razor?

Please see this video for details!

What Should You Look For in Safety Razors?

Let’s take a junction first before digging deeper into what’s the best safety razor entails.

The features you consider before making your safety razor purchase determine whether you’ll go home with a competitive product or an unscrupulous one. 

With so many products on the shelves nowadays, everyone is all about making sales. Only a few brands consider the quality they are offering consumers.

3 Core Factors To Look For in The Best Safety Razors

Here are core factors to look for in safety razors:

  • Aggressiveness

Aggressiveness in safety razors is used to mean how difficult or easy it is to cut yourself with the razor. Beginners ought to go for mild (less aggressive) razors for maximum safety.

  • Weight

The weights of safety razors are categorized into two: classic and heavy-duty.

This weight will vary from model to model and brand to brand. The heavier the razor, the more difficult it will be to handle.

  • Pricing

Pricing is essential in razors. Similar to weight, this one also varies from model to model. Higher quality safety razors are normally expensive due to the materials used in their construction.

Edwin Jagger DE87BL: An In-Depth Review

Edwin Jagger DE87BL Overview

Bizarbin Editors

Safety razor DE87BL in-dept review by bizarbin.com
Weight distribution
For sensitive skin
For beginners


Edwin Jagger DE87BL head fits all standard DE blades, shaves as close as a straight razor. Excellent balance for a close shave, smart, and durable.



  • Great construction
  • Mild for beginners
  • Designed uniquely to accommodate people with huge hands
  • Easy to replace the blades


  • Poor Grip
  • Slightly expensive

The same brand that gifted us the Edwin Jagger De8 and De86BL is yet again with an incredible safety razor.

The Edwin Jagger DE87BL is an upgraded version of the preceding DE86BL, with better quality, features, and even finishing. 

Edwin Jagger has been in the industry for over 30 years. These are 30 years of making mistakes and perfecting its art.

It now considers itself a prodigy of the game, with a reputation for quality and excellence.

Every bit of its mission is reflected in this product: to provide high-end quality products to its consumers in every corner of the globe.

This product means business, right from its simple look to its stern and sharp blade.

You might not fall in love with it right from the word go, but good things take time. Consistent use will make you see why I consider this razor among the best of the business.

Note that there are lots of similarities (and differences too) between the Edwin Jagger De87BL and its close relative the De89BL, as I will highlight.

Who Is It For?

Every bearded male is welcome to enjoy the DE87BL safety razor.

However, beginners and people with huge hands will find it most useful.

Why is this so?

The design of the razor (handle length in specific) is large enough for people with large hands.

Also, it is designed mild for beginners. I would rate it 5/10 in terms of aggressiveness.

What Are Some Of Its Outstanding Features?

I thought you’d never ask. Edwin Jagger DE87BL is packed with lots of incredible features.

The manufacturers were keen to bring out every detail clearly for the better good of the product.

Here are some of its features:

Weight and Length

This razor weighs 2.4 ounces, slightly heavy. But this is the average weight of most safety razors (range from 2.1 ounces to 2.72 ounces), so it should be normal for you.

The handle is also a little heavy, but this is what to expect from its 3.75-inch length (Regular handle length).

You shouldn’t have any problems handling this razor whether your hands are small or large.

The difference between the weight of this razor with the De89BL is hardly recognizable.

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor Size Guides - MBU
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor Size Guide

Blade Replacement

The manufacturers deserve all the accolades in regards to this blade’s replacement. It features Edwin Jagger’s signature three-piece blades. Replacing the blades is extremely easy. The moving parts are also firm and durable.

The head is well constructed, with the blade being firmly rooted. This reduces the chances of making errors when shaving. A big kudos to its construction!


Beginners will find this safety razor to be mildly aggressive.

There are no noticeable changes with the De89BL in the context of aggressiveness.

Suppose you intend to shave while in the shower, I would advise you to acquire more knowledge on wet shaving.

Also, for those planning on shaving their stubble, a sharp blade will act as a useful accessory.

Its aggressiveness makes it a great razor for beginners or those new to the shaving world.

You want to take things slowly and have everything right. This less-aggressive safety razor is here to guide you through all the way.


There is nothing to like with the grip of the De87BL, unfortunately. For someone who likes the gritty metal grip for the handle (like me), this one will be a disappointment.

If you are shaving in the shower (under wet conditions), then you need to be careful not to slip and hurt yourself.

What Do I Like?


Yes, the fact that this razor is from Edwin Jagger is a big thumbs up from me.

Maybe part of it is because I’m a big fan of the brand, but mostly because the company has a good reputation.

For a company that has been in business for more than 30 years, they must be doing something right.

When buying products, we normally look at brands (names that we are familiar with).

 Edwin Jagger has been in existence long enough to capture their attention.

It isn’t a matter of monopoly, get this clear, but trust. Your safety is assured with their products.

Moreover, if you have any complaints, you can rest assured that you’ll receive assistance.


The team behind the manufacturing of Edwin Jagger’s products is genius.

Sources tell us that the founder, Neil Jagger, designs every piece himself. His attention to detail and perfection is beyond doubt.

This razor is a result of true craftsmanship, and you can tell so just by looking at it. Its pieces fit perfectly without any rough edges or burrs. Its quality is commendable.

This is the type of razor that you can use when showering, not minding it getting damaged by any washroom condition.

Its pricing maybe a little bit on the higher price, but worth every penny.

Is There a Catch?

Yes! There are a few things that I didn’t like with the Edwin Jagger De87BL, and felt that it could have done better.

However, most of the grievances have been corrected with the new version DE89BL- proof that the company takes into consideration their consumers’ feedback.

For starters, some people felt that the pricing of this razor is exaggerated. They wouldn’t hesitate to go for other lower-priced razors.

What do I say? This is true, comparing with other same-quality products. But if you appreciate quality, then every penny spent on this razor would be worth it.

The grip was also a huge turn off for me with the De87BL. It lacks the gritty metal grip in razors. This was, however, corrected in the De89BL.

What Proof Do I have?

Seeing is believing. And as much as I give you detailed facts about this safety razor without visual proofs, then everything remains to be a story.

That’s how the human mind works- not that I am complaining. I have gone further to screenshot to you some of the reviews and testimonials from verified purchasers.

Are There Any Alternatives?

It is okay if you don’t find this product impressive (for whatever reasons). That’s why we’re humans, and each one of us has their preferences.

Luckily, the market is flogged with incredible products, and there is something for everyone.

Here are other products equally good or even better than the DE87BL razor.

1. Edwin Jagger DE89BL (Chrome, Regular Handle)

Yes, the older brother to the DE87BL. There couldn’t be any better razor to replace it other than its newer version.

After realizing some of the small mistakes found in the DE87L, the manufacturers designed an even better version. It comes with almost all similar features with the DE87BL, with an improved grip. Also, its price is lower than that of the DE87BL.

2. Rockwell 6S Safety Razor Stainless Steel Adjustable

Proudly made in the USA, the Rockwell 6S Safety Razor promises its users premium quality.

The razor’s replaceable plates allow you to customize the parts to your liking. Also, its stainless steel construction makes it more durable and robust than other products.

This is a well-designed and crafted razor that is great for beginners.

It makes a great alternative to the DE87BL.

3. Merkur Progress Double Edge Razor

Merkur Progress Razor is designed with chrome metal and a plastic handle for the perfect grip and durability.

It is adjustable and allows you to replace its blades with ease. Although it is a little bit expensive, I wouldn’t think twice about purchasing it.

Final Verdict

If you started shaving since time memorial, then chances are that you started with an Edwin Jagger safety razor.

Edwin Jagger is to the shaving industry the same way Coca Cola is to the beverage industry. Their evolution over the years has been impressive, and they have everything to show for it.

Their product, DE87BL, is one example of their incredible products. If you are a beginner, I would definitely advise that you go for it.

If for any reason, you don’t love this razor (or the brand), I have included some alternatives (mentioned above).

Edwin Jagger came, saw, and it has conquered. We expect more products from them as they never cease to amaze.

Click here to check out Edwin Jagger DE87BL Safety Razor.

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