What’s The Best Electric Shaver For Women? Ultimate Buying Guide (2021)

Conventional manual shavers are quite restrictive to use and can cause a lot of annoyances such as cuts that leave unsightly marks on the skin.

The most interesting alternative from a practical and economical point of view is using women’s electric shavers. (If you’re looking for the best electric shaver for men, check out my detail guide here)

This very practical device is very similar to the electric shavers commonly used by men but has been designed and designed to respect the sensitivity of women’s skin.

The best women’s electric shavers allow you to shave closely without any difficulty and especially without any pain or risk of injury.

So for those who want to save money compared to the regular purchase new blades; for those who can not stand the waxing or electric epilator, or those that do not have the budget to afford pulsed light epilators, the women’s electric shaver is certainly a very wise choice.

If men are well versed in shaving devices, this is not always the case for women.

As you continue reading this article, you will discover my comparison of the best electric shavers for women 2021 and an ultimate guide to help you choose the model that best suits you.

5 Best Electric Shavers For Women Comparison Chart (2021)


Product Name





Philips SatinShave BL140




Philips BRL130








Skull Shaver Butterfly-Pro-5h




Braun Silk-épil 5 5-541



Type of Electric Razors

There are two main types of electric razors: Foil and Rotary.

Foil Type

Foil Type

These blades are protected by a grid to make the shave on the one hand safe, and on the other hand, very soft. This obviously avoids the risk of cuts while shaving closely.

When the razor is held against the skin and slides against it, the bristles pass through specially designed openings such as a mesh and are cut by the blades.

It is important to choose a quality electric shaver for women to avoid deformation of the grid and thus keep this protection on top for a long time.

For most people, the Foil razor offers a closer shave compared to the Rotary type.

Has several circular blades mounted on the shaving head, usually three or four depending on the model.

This type of electric shaver must, for an effective shave, be moved against the skin in a circular manner to capture a maximum of hair.

Rotary Type

Rotary Type

The blades are also protected by a circular grid but much thinner which can, according to some people, slightly irritate the skin depending on sensitivity.

The advantage of the razor with rotating heads is to be able, by support, to bend and move in eight different directions.

The electric shaver with rotating heads is mostly used by men and the majority of them specify that shaving is less irritating to the skin, as long as you have fine hair.

Advantages of Using an Electric Shaver

Simple and Express Use

Whether it is foil or rotary type, the electric shaver is much easier to use than a manual razor.

Thanks to its multiple rotating blades protected by a grid, the electric shaver offers a shave as fast as precise. Just slip it on your face a few times to get rid of unwanted hair. A child’s play!.

Protect Your Skin

As its blades are placed behind a grid, the electric shaver avoids the maximum skin aggression.

Indeed, the blades are not in direct contact with the skin, and therefore sensitize to a lesser extent the epidermis. What to say goodbye to cuts, ingrown hairs, and skin irritations.

In addition, its flexible heads perfectly fit the contours of the face to rhyme shave with softness and precision.

Practical Options

The electric razor is synonymous with modernity, so everything is done to make your daily life easier.

As a rule, it has many practical options such as waterproofing, allowing a quick shave in the shower, or the self-cleaning base. It eliminates hair residue alone to ensure a clean razor in all circumstances. So convenient.

Other choices at your disposal, rechargeable wireless models, ultra-useful for traveling. But also those that allow using shaving foam for a shave even softer, which will make the happiness of dry and sensitive skin.

An Easy-To-Maintain Tool

In addition to being easy to use, the electric shaver is just as easy maintenance.

Once the shave is done, the technique is simple: first, turn off the razor, then rinse its head with warm water to rid it of hair and other impurities.

Then unhook the head, then clean the head support (lower part) in the same way before letting everything dry in the open-air … In neither one nor two, your razor is ready for the next session.

A Long-Term Investment

Let’s end with the economic advantage of the electric shaver. With it, finished the purchases of disposable blades every month that weigh in fine on the budget.

Unlike the manual razor, an electric razor has a long life of up to several years, depending on the quality of your product.

Even if it is more expensive to buy, the electric shaver can save money in the long run. Do not hesitate to put the price by always focusing on quality, reliability, and efficiency.

How Do I Find The Best Electric Shavers For Women?

If the manual razor is a popular alternative to waxing or electric epilators, women’s electric razors are much less used.

So normal that you may not know how to find the best women’s electric razors that suit you, depending on your budget.

If a manual razor is chosen mainly by the number of blades, the criteria for selecting an electric razor are a little different.

Men and women don’t have the same needs in terms of areas to shave or the same skins, so it is important to choose the best electric shavers specifically adapted to women.

When you’re shopping for an electric shaver, there are a number of factors you should consider.


In order to provide a quality shave even in the smallest corners and hard to reach areas, it is essential to opt for a razor with a flexible head that can rotate and adapt to all the curves of your body while limiting the risks cut.

Many brands on my list offer for this purpose floating heads that tilt by marrying the shapes of your body thus ensuring a shave quality.

Sharp Blades

Logically, the more blades that a razor has, the more effective it will be. As mentioned before, foil types are ideal for a close and even shave, perfectly matching your curves.

However, be careful that the razor also has protection against cuts and scrapes such as beaded teeth, because shaving is also at risk of injury.

There is also another blade configuration, which is more like that of male razors, with up to 5 flexible rotating blades that will make your legs soft as ever while eliminating any risk of scratching.

This latter configuration is much less common for women’s electric razors but certainly has potential.

Protect Your Skin

Your shaver should help you avoid shaving injuries and irritation after shaving.

The Time To Shave

Your shaver should allow you to shave very quickly and allow you to save time.

Wet and Dry Option

It is desirable that the mower is completely waterproof. This not only allows easy cleaning of the razor but especially allows you to shave both dry or even in the shower.

Battery life and charging options

Your electric razor must have good energy autonomy. It must be quickly rechargeable and have a long period of autonomous operation. It must also have a fast charge function.

This function allows you when you are caught by the time, to shave after a few minutes of charging.

The Cleaning And Maintenance System

If you can afford it, it is better to have an automatic razor. With this razor, it takes a simple push of a button to clean, lubricate, and dry.

5 Best Electric Shavers For Women Reviews And Top Picks

My selection for the best cheap women’s electric razors starts with two electric shavers from Philips that will be perfect for small budgets of less than 40 dollars.

#1 Philips SatinShave BRL140/00

Philips SatinShave BL140


  • Affordable price
  • Wet & Dry
  • Operates on battery
  • Small carrying pouch
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • Accessories a bit superfluous
  • Charge time long enough (8h)

For about 40 dollars, the BRL 140 Philips Satin Shave starts strong. With its beautiful curves, feminine and soft tones, it is visually very attractive.

Its ergonomic handle offers a non-slip grip, which is ideal for a good grip and therefore a shave without the worry of any area of ​​the body allowing precise movements.

Dry and underwater, thanks to the Wet & Dry technology, this electric shaver has the advantage of being usable in the bath or in the shower, which, in addition to being practical, is very beneficial for your skin, who will say thank you.

Indeed, the water as well as the gels and soaps favor the gliding of the apparatus on your skin and thus diminish the irritations.

This wireless device has one hour of cordless use. They’re an indicator of autonomy that will allow you to never end up with a device completely unloaded in mid-shave, which would make more than one rage; peace of mind not insignificant.

However, like any rechargeable device, you will obviously not forget to take the charger when you intend to use it several times on the mop …

Level features, the floating grid of the shaving head perfectly hugs your curves by swiveling slightly, allowing a perfect shave everywhere.
The beaded teeth on the front and back of the grill make it easier to slip the razor and ensure a shave without scratches, which would certainly spoil the final result.

Portable electric shaver BRL 140 Philips Satin Shave comes with 4 accessories for hair removal and travel. Trim long hairs first – in the bikini area – before shaving. 

And the last accessory is a convenient pocket to take all this easily with you.

However, there are a little superfluous, especially with the floating gate and the beaded teeth already incorporated in the main head.

A complete razor, with accessories certainly superfluous, but which does its job very well (and for not too expensive).

#2 Philips BRL130/00

best electric shaver for women - Philips BRL130


  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wet & Dry
  • Operates on battery


  • Charge time long enough (8h)
  • No carrying pouch

Barely less expensive than its twin, the BRL 130/00 differs visually from the BRL 140/00 only thanks to its soft blue color.

For the rest, it also has a very ergonomic shape with an S-shaped handle and a non-slip grip that allows a very easy grip, which will make shaving even easier.

Its also equipped with technology Wet & Dry and wireless, you will be able to take it where you want to make you beautiful for all occasions.

Whether dry or in the shower, this electric shaver has just like the BRL140 / 00 a floating grid that will allow you to shave accurately and uniformly from all areas of the body without the risk of cutting you, thanks to the beaded teeth that ensures a perfect glide.

If you have sensitive skin, the use underwater will suit you perfectly by significantly reducing the irritation of the skin.

Be careful, however, a charging time of 8 hours is necessary for this device to recharge completely, which is not negligible. Its autonomy is identical to its twin, with a shave possible for an hour.

That said, a smart charging indicator will allow you to anticipate the end of autonomy of this device and you will avoid many disappointments.

Unlike the 140/00, this electric razor goes to the essentials by including only one tip, a cutting shoe, which is quite enough since the other accessories supplied with the BRL 140/00 were in my opinion not really helpful.

Unfortunately, however, it lacks the small pouch to easily carry this razor with you on the mop. It’s a shame, especially when Philips had the idea for the 140/00.

#3 Philips BRL170/00

best electric shaver for women - Philips BRL170/00

For lady who looking for the best mid-range women’s razors.

In the mid-range, only an electric razor really stood out, and again it is a device of the Philips brand, which seems to dominate the market.


  • On battery, with charging time of 5 min
  • Wet & Dry
  • 2 floating grids
  • Small carrying pouch


  • Does not work once on mains

With its look identical to the two previous razors, but this time in purple tones, the BRL 170/00 is, at 50 dollars, the third women’s electric razor of my selection.

Just like the two previous razors, its non-slip S-shaped handle gives you a very good maneuverability that will allow you to easily shave wherever you want.

This razor does not contain one, but two floating grilles, and promises a shave even more effective than the two previous Philips shavers by perfectly matching the curves of your body while catching significantly more hair than razors with a single grid.

In addition, Philips promises with this razor an even smoother result with 2 comfort pads that ensure a minimum of skin irritation.

In the same way as the two previous razors, the beaded teeth and the safety bars make it possible to significantly reduce the scratches, which unfortunately are commonplace when shaving.

You will get perfectly smooth legs either by shaving dry or underwater, thanks to Wet & Dry technology is clearly essential in this kind of device.

This razor is of course also wireless and 100% waterproof, which will allow you to shave wherever you want.

In addition, unlike the previous Philips razor, the BRL 170/00 offers a normal charge in just one hour but also a possibility of fast charging in 5 minutes. Don’t panic if you realize that your shaver is unloaded while you urgently need it.

It clearly stands out from the two previous razors on this point, since they need no less than 8 hours of charge for an identical autonomy of one hour. The BRL 170/00 offers considerable time savings and significant peace of mind.

However, thanks to its charge level indicator you can still anticipate and never run out of battery. It will wait because it doesn’t work once loaded.

This shaver is sold with 3 accessories that will complete your beauty routine, namely a bikini trimmer head, a bikini comb, and a firm skin tip.

Philips has also thought of the practical side by including 2 very useful accessories like the protective cap and the cleaning brush which will guarantee the perfect hygiene of your device.

To top it off, Philips has now added a small kit to store the razor and accessories together and carry them easily.

For only slightly more expensive than the two previous Philips electric razors, the BRL 170/00 is without a doubt my favorite of this selection by standing out clearly from its competitors and is, in my opinion, the best quality/price level of this selection.

#4 Skull Shaver Butterfly Pro 5h


For the lady who looking for the best high-end women’s razors.

For slightly larger budgets, I have selected here two electric razors that are worth the detour.


  • Very easy to clean
  • Original design
  • Very large autonomy


  • High price
  • Accessories to buy separately

I must admit that this is the first time I see a women’s electric razor with this unique design.

As the name suggests, this razor is butterfly-shaped, with a large, balloon-shaped pink body, attached to a round blade set that is very similar in configuration to that of male electric razors.

For a price much higher than previous razors and about 85 dollars, this razor stands out of course not only by its innovative design and ergonomic handle but also by its 5 rotating blades flexible, which will allow a shave perfect all over the body, even in the most delicate places.

Indeed, each head has an independent rotation, which ensures an optimal shave, while adapting perfectly to the topography of the shaving area.

In addition, thanks to the configuration of its shaving heads, the risk of scratches is negligible.

For an even better finish, it is also advisable to shave with small rotary movements that will increase the efficiency of rotating blades. Its ergonomic handle is easy to handle by marrying the palm of your hand, even if it is different from the usual razor handles.

A little adaptation time will be so I think necessary.

This razor can be used dry or water, but be careful, it is not usable underwater, which is a shame. However, it allows good freedom of shaving especially as the hair is sucked up and collected by the razor.

So waxing in the middle of the living room if your heart tells you, no hair to pick up everywhere.
Don’t worry, this unit is still very easy to clean, either with the Skull Shaver Rinse Holder sold separately or simply by soaking it in warm water while it is running.

Range autonomy, with its powerful lithium-ion battery, this shaver offers you 90 minutes of shaving, enough to be quiet for easily several sessions. It’s the razor with the longest autonomy and it also has a light indicating you the level of charge, to be able to easily anticipate.

With about 2h30 of charging time, it is certainly not the fastest, but it remains far from the 8 hours charge of the first Philips.

Side accessory, nothing is included with this razor and if you want a specific tip (clipper, eyebrow, nose trimmer …) to perfect your beauty routine, you will need to buy separately.

That said, this can allow you to use the same razor with another person by changing the blades each time.

Be careful, however, the change of blades can be a little difficult. A hand to take certainly but that can save you money.

This razor is definitely worth trying and has potential. Its relatively high price, however, must curb more than one, which must often fall back on a more classic design, but they already know.

#5 Braun Silk-épil 5 5-541: The Exfoliating Razor

Braun Silk-épil 5 5-541


  • Affordable price
  • Exfoliating accessory
  • Small carrying pouch
  • Wet & Dry Option


  • Autonomy too low, with a long charging time
  • Not very ergonomic

This is an exfoliating razor at around 60 dollars, Braun’s Silk Epil stands out for its look, which, to me, is less attractive than the Philips shavers presented above.

Indeed, it appears much thinner and it’s handle-less curved, which can have an impact on its grip and therefore its maneuverability and ease of shaving, especially for hard-to-reach areas such as armpits.

On functional levels, it has a rounded head and a floating gate that offer a precision shave even on parts of the body that are not flat.

A blade of precision when it allows a shave of quality on the more difficult zones as the armpits and the jersey.

Just like Philips shavers, it has rounded teeth that ensure a perfect glide of the device on the skin and therefore reduces irritation.

Also incorporating Wet & Dry technology, this shaver offers the possibility of a dry shave like in water while being perfectly waterproof.

This seal allows more easily to clean the device underwater which is an asset hygiene level.

Its main marketing asset is a vibrating exfoliating accessory that removes dead cells during shaving, all in one pass. I confess not to be totally convinced by this accessory, which in my opinion must certainly irritate the most sensitive skin, especially when the exfoliation takes place after shaving, as is the case here.

Braun Silk-épil 5 5-541-model

For me, exfoliation is ideal before the shave and not after, to prepare the skin and the hairs.

Battery level, this electric shaver is clearly not as efficient as the previous ones, and especially the BRL 170/00, since it takes at least an hour to recharge while offering only 40 minutes of battery life.

The 20 minutes of difference autonomy is not insignificant since they can constitute much more than one complete shave.

It offers one or more days of shave less for the same load, which is far from anecdotal.

However, it is important to note that this device automatically adjusts the voltage to comply with electrical outlets worldwide, which is an advantage.

You will still need to remember the adapter if you change zones.
The coolest is a pouch that allows you to easily collect and slide this razor in your suitcase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Shaving on Dry or Wet Skin?

The choice between using a woman’s electric razor on dry skin or wet skin really depends on each one. To know if this or that way of doing is the most adapted, it is necessary to test.

You should know that shaving on damp skin, whether in the shower or out of the shower can get a closer shave and much softer skin.

When the electric razor is used under hot shower water, the skin is also naturally exfoliated and the small dead skin will disappear. It also avoids the risk of irritation and other red spots if the skin is sensitive.

Shaving on dry skin has the advantage of being able to be performed in an emergency, before dating for example. However, dry shaving may, for some people, cause some small irritation.

Anyway, you will have to test both methods to find the one that suits you best and thus experience a pleasant shave experience.

2. Can a Woman Use a Men’s Electric Shavers?

Electric Shavers are commonly used by men and women. Even though the difference between men’s electric shavers and women’s electric shavers is very small, women’s needs are somewhat different from those of men and require a different shaver pattern.

The men’s electric shaver allows you to shave very closely, providing the opportunity to maintain your beard and mustache in the best way.

Men’s hairs are much thicker than women’s, which is why devices specifically designed for men are more powerful.

On the other hand, the electric shaver for women also offers a close shave, whether on the legs or underarm, but the power is less because the hairs of women are much thinner.

It is therefore recommended to use a woman’s electric razor specifically designed for female anatomy to avoid any risk of irritation or small unfortunate cuts, but nothing prevents from using from time to time the electric shaver of your companion.

Final Thoughts

Effective for removing hair, the women’s electric razor has always been the secret ally of women and girls to have soft skin at all times.

However, when it comes to dealing with more sensitive areas, cuts and rashes are raging.

To remedy this, the best electric shavers for women are the ideal devices, because they were primarily designed for a close shave secure on your soft and sensitive skin.

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