25 Best Teen Boy Haircuts – Coolest Hairstyles For 2021

When you’re growing into your male teenage years, you slowly grow into the best parts of being a man.

It’s also a time where you get to be younger, so those who are older than you, want you to have as much fun as possible. People will definitely look at you differently if you’re an older individual with one of these haircuts.

To truly represent yourself, you need a style that’s pretty exclusive and something the people around you aren’t going to see that often.

Here are 25 of the best choices teen boys haircuts have to choose when it comes to unique haircuts. These haircuts cold do age well as you get older, but it will be a point in time where you won’t decide to get these haircuts anymore.

These cool teen boy haircuts are some of the best at making you stand out from the crowds as well as looking presentable to others.

People’s genetics can also be wildly different depending on who they are, so this list is going to try to accommodate just about every male teen.

1. Spiky Texture High Fade

Spiky Texture High Fade - Teen boy haircuts

This haircut has a nice look because of the fade carrying the spiky hair. The look of the cut can certainly depend on the shape of your head.

If you have a longer head, this cut can look a bit flatter than what you think it should look like. But the haircut can express a lot of personality inside of you.

2. Side Part Haircut

Side Part Teen boy Haircut

This haircut is pretty similar to a short combover, however, there are some key differences. One is that you are getting a fade towards the lower part of your head.

The look can go with numerous different occasions and still allows you to look professional. You can still have fun with the added benefit of being taken seriously.

3. Quiff Haircut

Quiff Haircut - Cool Teen Boy Haircuts

The Quiff gives you a fade but also combs the hair up to one side. One of the biggest benefits of this is that it gives off the illusion of you looking taller.

During these years in your life, having that element is a major bonus that you need. The barber can also set you up with a really solid line up.

4. Wavy Crop Haircut

Wavy Crop Haircut - popular teen boy haircuts

The Wavy crop allows the hair to look distinct without needing a good hairline. The barber can still give you a line-up, but you can actually have the front part of your hair covering your hairline.

It’s good for the fade to have a natural transition of gradient towards the top of your head so the hair will look more natural.

5. Single Fringe Drop Fade

Single Fringe Drop Fade Haircut

The fringe haircut can be really good for those with long hair. Long hair is something that most people don’t want much to do with but this hairstyle lets you use that to your benefit.

The fade and the other parts of the haircut will still look normal, it’s just that one part can make you look more distinct.

6. Pomp Hawk

Pomp Hawk Teen Boy Haircuts

The pomp hawk focuses a lot more on height than other aspects of the hair. You also don’t have to get a line-up if it’s not something you want to do for this hairstyle.

The uniqueness comes from how you can personalize this style with die. You can do the top in any color to really compliment your hair.

7. Taper Fade Haircut

Taper Fade Haircut

The taper fade haircut keeps a lot of the originality of your hair which makes it special. What the cut does is sort rough out all the bad edges that make it look worse than it has to be.

Some people just want a simple cut that looks more natural but puts them in a more presentable way.

8. Comb-over

Comb-over teen boy haircuts

The combover allows you to use long hair that’s on your scalp in a fashionable way. You can often make it very wavy and go to either side of your head depending on where you want it to be.

Getting a fade with dark gradient is one of the best things you can do for that hairstyle. It can go well with outfits that express yourself more openly.

9. Textured Fade

Textured Fade haircut for teenage guys

This haircut gives you the benefit of reducing the thickness of a lot of your hair. The size is going to go down a lot, while only keeping the essential parts that separate you from the rest of the crowd.

It’s easier to take care of, and you also don’t have to go to the barber every week when your hair grows out.

10. Slicked Back Haircut

Slicked Back Haircuts For Teen Boys

The slicked-back hair is one of the best choices for when you want to go on a date.

The style keeps the hair out of your face, making sure that the other person sees the best features of your face. You also get a fade so that you won’t constantly have to keep the hairs from the front of your face.

11. Wavy Hair Fade

 Wavy Hair Fade For Teenage guys

Wavy hair allows you to look like someone who gets to express themself more than other people with the randomness associated with the cut.

You get the privilege of not having to worry about your hair looking perfect before you go out. You can also make it a lot longer while keeping the fade.

12. Crewcut

Crewcut hairstyles for teen boys

The crew cut has a lot of similarities to the buzzcut, except the buzz cut makes the hair a lot shorter.

This haircut allows you to take more liberties in making your scalp thicker and more stylish. You have the benefit of not having to take that much care of your hair while having something presentable.

13. Buzzcut

Buzzcut for teenage guy

The buzzcut is a classic choice for men if they just don’t want to deal with the responsibly thick hair.

If you have great hair genetics, it can look really good going this simple.

If you have a strong hairline, this can be one of the best choices for making sure you show off the best aspects of it.

14. Blowout Hairstyle

Blowout Hairstyle for teenage guy

The blowout is one of the best teen boy haircuts for people who happen to be a bit taller than others.

This hair points up and then curls to the back. Some haircuts make the hair look as small as possible, but this is one of the cuts that takes advantage of the length. You also need a good fade to pull it off.

15. French Crop Haircut

French Crop Haircut For teenage guy

The French crop is more a trendy European kind of a cut that keeps a lot of the hair along with the bangs.

The fade needs a good balance of light and darkness which will be monotone throughout the sides of the head. You want the hairs to be pointing towards your face, which works well with smaller bangs.

16. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk For Teen Boy

The Fauxhawk has the height of the mohawk without looking as trashing as it can be sometimes.

You still get to keep the major aspects of what makes a good haircut, such as the fade and line-up.

The difference here is that hair covers more of the head and you can die the tips for style.

17. Side-Part Fade

Side-Part Fade Haircut For Teenage Guys

This haircut is really good for those business casual kinds of situations. The hair is short and allows you to have fun with it, while complimenting any kind of dressy attire.

The thick part of the hair is combed to one side of the hair, while the other side compliments it in a good way.

18. Thick Straight Haircut

Thick Straight Haircut For Teenage Guys

You can really only get this style down if you have been taking care of your hair for a long time.

You’re not going to get the look of having this hair down unless you have been using gel for a while. It’s not a long as a flat top while keeping a fade and having a lot of thickness to it.

19. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut For Teen Boy

The Caesar cut is one of the cool teen boy haircuts who just want a style that is a bit shorter but still has some character to it.

The fade is what’s going to be carrying the cut and is typically going to be a low-maintenance style.

There is some waviness to it, but it’s pretty easy to keep it in check.

20. Burst Fade

Burst Fade Haircut

The Burst fade has been one of the more distinct teen boy haircuts that keeps the hair lower so that you can still look clean.

A buzzcut, has a monotone shade of color with it never getting darker or brighter throughout the cut.

Here, the cut takes full advantage of the style, so that you can keep it low or raise it higher.

21. Frohawk Haircut

Frohawk Haircut For Black Teen

With black teens, the frohawk has become a popular style among actors and athletes alike.

The haircut has a very special ability to make the person look taller while using the other attributes of hair. With something like a high-top, it is the same throughout the cut, but this one is going to be facing forward.

22. Short Afro + Fade

Short Afro Fade Haircut For Teen Boys

This hairstyle allows a black teen to keep some thickness of hair, while also making sure that it stays low.

The negative side is that you will have to go to the barber frequently if you want to keep the look consistent.

There is a fade and it also allows you to have the line-up tapered to your liking.

23. High-Top Haircut

High-Top Haircut For Black Teen Boy

The high-top haircut is one of the best at making sure that your hair is consistently making you look taller.

All you barber has to do is make sure that the side of your head is even, not really requiring much work for them to do.

You can also do some slight variants, making the back part point more backward and the front part point more forwards.

24. Medium Curls With Fade

Medium Curls With Fade For Teen Boys

Curls have always looked good on teens regardless of who it is. You can choose how thick or thin you want it to be, but you need it to be well taken care of and always have spray on hand.

The fade can make it look really, good, but sometimes, you may want to shorten it, with the sides still looking dark.

25. Short Afro Haircut

Short Afro Haircut For Black Teen Boys

The afro is something that black men already grow out naturally, but it needs to be perfected to really bring out the best parts of it for everyone to see.

The hairstyle needs to be something that’s perfectly cut for your head. You can also get lined up, making sure that you get a fade while keeping a lot of the thickness from an afro.

Final Words

Some of these haircuts are going to be for certain kinds of people, but most of them will stand the test of time. The short afro has been around for decades and has been worn for just as long by certain people.

Other hairstyles will only last in this era and will disappear almost entirely when that era begins. When looking at this list, try to choose a style that will appeal to as many situations as possible.

It’s nice to be able to party with certain hair, but it may not be the best choice if you have to show up for a job interview the next day.

The same thing can go for haircuts that are too professional. Some of these haircuts were only popular for the fact that the people that get them to work in a law firm, a brokerage firm, a hospital, or any other kind of office job.

It’s nice to always look professional for your job, but sometimes you just want to have fun and have a style that compliments it.

If you are into fashion, you should also have a haircut that compliments the kind of style that you have. Your face is what people remember of you, so just try to keep your style as personal as possible.

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