25 Best Short Haircuts For Men -Trendy Styles For 2021

Getting a new haircut can be really good when it comes to establishing an identity. This list is going to be catered for the best short haircuts for men.

The benefits of those are that they can be expressive, but they also don’t have the responsibility that longer hairstyles tend to have.

We live on a planet full of billions of people, and you are special. Having a distinct haircut is often a huge part of a man’s identity.

You would think that there you couldn’t have that much variety in terms of how you can express yourself. However, you couldn’t be more mistaken, there are limitless different styles that are always going to look good on you.

In this list of 25 men’s short haircuts, you will see the different expressions you can make for yourself, as well as the kinds of personalities they’re best suited for.

1. The Pompadour

The Pompadour hairstyles - Best Short Haircuts For Men

The pompadour was one of the most stylish and defining haircuts for the second half of the 20th century.

It has originated in 1950s greaser culture but had such influence that it would spread into Japan. It focuses more on the length of the front of your hair and is very distinct. If you want, it’s something you have to own.

2. Comb-over Short Haircut

Comb-over Short Haircut - Best Short haircuts for men

The combover relies on your hair that’s on the very top of your head. You need to cut it in a way that only makes that part of it the part that people see.

Generally, the hair is “combed” to really show it off and make it the only focus of what is seen.

3. Taper Cut Short Hairstyles

Taper-cut short haircuts

The taper is probably the most normal haircut that you can get. It’s not something that will set you apart that much, but if you want to look professional quickly, it’s an easy option.

You can not only request a lineup, the next time you get a haircut but also get a fade that shows off the best parts of your hair.

4. Slickback Hair Fade

Slickback Hair Fade - Best Short Haircuts For Men

Slickedbacked hair has been a style for a very long time, but it hasn’t been properly adapted for modern times until now.

You should request a barber who is good at this style but then also knows what they’re doing with the oils. You will also have to buy your own oil or grease to maintain this style.

5. Wavy Hair Fade

Wavy Hair Fade Short Haircut - Best Short Haircuts For Men

The wavy hair fade has become a very popular option with young adults who want an expressive style. Almost every barber can do it nowadays many of their clients like it so much.

You get a curly look at the top, but have a fade and don’t have to put up with the mess that comes at the sides.

6. Frosted Tips

Frosted Tips - Best Short Haircuts For Men

Frosted tips are a style that has, for the most part, been lost to time, but is a great style when done correctly.

The pointy tips of your hair are dyed in whatever color that you like and are pointed out once the dying is finished. There’s a lot of variety of how to do it and it looks much better with a fade.

7. Buzzcut

Buzzcut - Best Short Haircuts For Men

The buzzcut is not a very expressive option, but it is one of the safest routes that you can go after.

It cuts off the thickness of the hair which is great if you only want to go to the barber once every few months. Despite the simplicity, the cut can have a lot of expressions once you implement in small details.

8. Wavy Fringe Taper Fade

Wavy Fringe Taper Fade short haircut

This haircut takes a lot of the thickness out without being something like a buzzcut.

There is still a defining part of your hair that’s not homogenous, but it has a lot in common with a buzzcut. Though the waviness of the top part defines it, the fade can make or break the cut.

9. Burst Fade Fohawk

Burst Fade Fohawk short haircuts

This cut is similar to a mohawk but uses a lot more of the hair to complete the experience.

There is a fade for the sake of bringing it all together and making it seem more like a real haircut than an actual gimmick. There is also oil used on the hair to make it pointy for a distinct look.

10. Faux Hawk Skin Fade

The faux hawk skin fade is the combination of many cuts working together. For one, the gradience on the fade is going to be much lighter than what you see usually and there will be no gradual transition.

You can get the hair lined-up while also keeping a thick pointiness to the hair that you currently have.

11. Man Bun

Man Bun Short Hairstyle

The man bun has become a style that people either love or hair, but people with long hair can definitely pull it off well when done correctly.

If you do long hair, you can simply put it into a bun. If you want to take It a step further, you can easily get a fade for a more professional look to take it to the next level.

12. Mid Fade Comb-over

Mid Fade Comb-over

This haircut is similar to others but reduces a lot of the thickness that some men may not like about it.

You do have a shorter combover, but you are using gel or oil to keep the tips point, so it doesn’t look as short. The fade is recommended to have a natural transition instead of just looking monotone.

13. Undercut Mohawk

Undercut Mohawk Short Hairstyle

Usually, the mohawk has been seen as something that’s trashy, but this haircut gives it a lot more class in terms of where it can go.

You have to get a barber who can pull off a really good fade, but after that the rest is simple. You need tall hair to make it look long and have the ability to comb it over.

14. Wavy Hair With Tramline

Wavy Hair With Tramline short haircut

This haircut sort has a duality that doesn’t have a natural transition to it. With the tramline, you are separating the wavy hair and the fade with a really thick line.

The bottom has a really good distinction that has some kind of consistency to it. The back of the hair should be dark, but it shouldn’t really be thick at all.

15. Messy Quiff Fade

This style has much fewer points than something like frosted tips. The haircut is higher, but you can dye it whatever way you want with a fade.

Instead of lots of small tips, this style is going to have much fewer tips that are bigger and much more noticeable. It can also look really good with a thin beard if you have some facial hair.

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16. Brushed Up Taper Fade

Brushed Up Taper Fade short Haircut

On the fade of this haircut, the gradient is going to be a lot darker than the cuts that you normally see.

You will see a lot of lightness of the fade towards the ear, but you will take more of a transition with this kind of fade. You’re going to keep a lot of the thickness with the brushed up look while also looking clean.

17. Angular Fringe Short Haircut

Angular Fringe Short Haircut For Men

The angular fringe is a style that lets you have a little bit more fun with it and isn’t high maintenance. You aren’t going as thin as a fade on the sides of the hair.

There is a lot of relief when it comes to managing the hair and it can go with any kind of setting. If you want to just style it and enjoy the style, you can stay consistent with it.

18. Crew Cut

Crew Cut Short haircut for men

This haircut isn’t as short as the buzzcut, but it also has a lot of style to it. It really pops out in bright environments due to how you can just barely see the character that defines the look of the hair.

It can also look nice with a lined-up, short beard. The back of the hair is also going to look really thin compared to the top.

19. Comb-over Taper Fade

Combover taper fade short haircut

The comb-over is a style that seems more recent and has very few ways a barber could mess it up but can be messy sometimes.

This style is one that is great for business settings. This is a style that has lasted for decades and has a really professional look to it. The fade allows it all to come in a natural way.

20. Bruised Back Hair With Long Sides

Bruised Back Hair With Long Sides short hairstyle

This hair allows you to be messy with it and not take care of it as much.

The hair at the sides is going to make sure it doesn’t get in your way, but it also won’t be as thin as a fade. You don’t have to get a lot of the thickness for the hair trimmed off, which is nice if you like to grow it out.

21. Waves Short Haircut

Waves Short Haircut For Men

Waves have become one of the most stylish variants of the buzzcut. As the name suggests, your hair will have waves that are very shiny and can keep that look for a while.

The only thing you have to do to maintain it, it gets a line-up and a fade every once and a while. Despite, that it looks short, you actually keep a lot of thickness.

22. Temple Fade With Twists Short Haircut

Temple Fade With Twists Short Haircut

This haircut is like a fohawk, but instead of the hair is straight, it’s actually going to be very curly.

You keep a lot of the thickness of the hair up top, but the face itself is very light and thin. It can also go really well with a beard, if not better with a beard. The only problem is that it takes a long time to grow the hair out.

23. Low Fade With Twists Haircut

Low Fade With Twists Haircut

This haircut gives you a lot of the presentation that other haircuts have, but it doesn’t have a lot of the length that comes with it.

That length can often be a detriment and more of a chore to take care of for the kind of lifestyle that you have. You get to feature some hair up top, while also showing off your line-up.

24. Box Fade Haircut

The box fade allows the haircut, to have the look of a hi-top, while also having some more detail to it. One of the core appeals of the high-top is that it will actually make you look taller than what you looked like before.

This haircut features a thick line to it, which provides separation that will make you look distinct.

25. Cornrows

Cornrows short haircut

Cornrows have been a style for almost the last 3 decades. The aspect of braiding your hair and twisting it to be consistent is something people would like in their styles.

Practically speaking, it has some of the least maintenance of any style you could ask for. Every month you will have to get a line-up, but that’s about it.

Final Thoughts

These 25 best short haircuts for men are all range between different time periods and cultures. Some are much more popular with Asian cultures, while other styles are almost exclusively used by African-Americans.

Anyone can use these styles, but it’s nice to know that there are various new twists and are always put on popular styles.

More than the haircut you get, one of the most important things you can do is get a barber that’s confident with your hair. If your goal is to look consistent, then you have to get a relationship with your stylist or barber.

A barber might do a simple haircut, but they might be the best in your area at doing that particular cut.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that you’re actually comfortable with. If you think a style is too ambitious or is something that doesn’t represent you, then don’t get it.

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25 Best Short Haircuts For Men -Trendy Styles For 2021
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