20 Men’s Fashion Mistakes You Know Nothing About

Growing from a boy to a man is a long, long journey that entails a lot of learning.

You begin small from learning how to tie your shoelaces and playing catch with your old man to big life lessons like treating a lady right and how to look good.

Everything we do every day as men, from work and school to the bar, involves a lot of learning. However, sometimes it can be pretty difficult to keep up with the trends. But it’s all about progress and milestones. With great responsibilities come great sacrifices.

There are some unforgivable mistakes and sins that you’ll commit unsuspectingly through your journey to becoming a man. Today I highlight some of these men’s fashion mistakes.

After completing this article, you’ll laugh, cringe, or even be ashamed of yourself. But you will have learned, and you’ll never commit these mistakes again.

“Each day rises fresh from the hands of God, bringing with it new lessons.”

Why Should You Invest Your Time And Money Avoiding These Mistakes?

This is a question that you’re probably asking yourself. Why should you change when you have been living comfortably all along?

Well, do you remember that lady who snobbed you by the train station or workplace?

Yes, the one who took one glance at you after saying hi, then faced the other side. Why do you think she did that?

She noted some of these mistakes and concluded that you weren’t worthy. Here are some reasons why these mistakes are eye-awakening.

Boosting Your Confidence

I don’t have to remind you that looking good shoots your confidence up, to the sky. Wear differently from your average everyday clothes and see how it feels. You can talk to anyone and do whatever you want. It’s also easier to land a job when you look good.

That’s the power of a great outfit!

Attracting Ladies, or Men Too

If you want to impress that girl or guy that caught your attention the other day, try dressing nicely.

That’s only the first step, but the biggest one. Humans are generally attracted by what they see. Put on your best outfit, wear some perfume, and I don’t see why she shouldn’t look your way.

20 Men’s Fashion Mistakes You Need to Avoid

1. Ill-Fitting Suits

Well-fitting suits

It doesn’t matter what brand your suit is, but if it doesn’t fit you well, then you can as well leave it in the closet.

Always go for well-fitting suits, regardless of your body size. A suit makes you feel like a king, so embrace it.

2. Sneakers with Suits

Sneakers with Suits

Since we’re on the topic of suits, don’t make the mistake of complimenting them with sneakers.

We see this mostly with city office workers and clueless celebrities. There is no way these two can combine. Sneakers are casual while suits official. Where’s the meeting point?

3. Heavy Print T-shirts

Heavy Print T-shirts

These were in fashion five years ago. But they are now reserved for models and sports players who are starting their fashion labels.

Don’t get too spicy with your t-shirts. Take a step back and stick to the basic colors and patterns.

4. Tucking in T-shirts

Tucking in T-shirts gives you the salesman, teacher, or middle-aged dad look. Those with a sense of style don’t tuck in their t-shirts.

5. The Tooth Necklace

The Tooth Necklace

The shark tooth necklace was so good in the early 90s that almost every lad had one, including me. But we’re two decades past that. Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing with neck jewelry.

But keep it simple. Don’t go for nature-inspired or all novelty hanging devices.

6. Black Shoes White Socks Combo

Black Shoes White Socks Combo

Wait, we’ve seen this before. Yes, with Michael Jackson. But let it die with him, long live the pop king.

So unless you’re trying to moonwalk, don’t do this. The two simply don’t match. It’s like drunk driving. It never ends well.

7. Black Shirt, White Tie

Not even Barney Stinson would approve of this. And I don’t understand why IT guys insist on pulling off this look, complementing it with sunglasses. Blackshirts should strictly be worn with an open collar or black tie.

8. Low-budget Shoes

If you think that bargain equals to good shoes, then you’re in for a rude shock. The average man’s shoe is twice costly as a woman’s.

So, don’t try spending what a woman would on her shoes.

And it doesn’t matter how good your outfit is if your shoes are old, beaten, and worn out. You lose it. Don’t feel bad spending extra bucks for a quality, long-lasting pair of shoes.

9. Pathetic Underwear

Pathetic Underwear

I’m not sure whether I have come across one, but I’m sure they are out there. Underwear is affordable, so invest well in them.

Also, know that your underwear has a lifespan. If it starts wearing, staining, or getting a funky odor, it’s time to send them to the trash.

10. Jeans in the Gym

Photo by We Built This City

Everyone hates guys who turn up to the gym in jeans. Like what the hell?

While jeans are known for their style and durability, they aren’t meant for work out sessions. Apart from hindering your movements, jeans will also burn you up.

There are outfits designed for workouts; go for those. Leave behind jeans for discos and routine.

11. Crocs and Sandals

socks with sandals

Wearing crocs and sandals all the time is pathetic. Sandals were designed for the pool, beach, or short errands and back to the house.

Crocs, on the other hand, were born out of excess rubber and boredom. They were a phenomenon for children, but it seems like adults are the ones benefitting more from them.

Another common men’s fashion mistake you make is wearing socks with sandals. This is ugly, don’t do it.

Socks are meant for bare feet. And if you’re cold and want to wear socks, then go for closed shoes. Wearing sandals all the time might be understandable, but this one is a Big No!

12. Belts with Suspenders

Belts with Suspenders

I don’t have to point out what’s wrong with this. It’s like having pants with both buttons and a zipper – they serve the same function!

Suspenders are meant to hold your pants while simultaneously giving you a classic look. Having your belt and suspenders on together make you look like a clown.

13. Sunglasses Indoors

There’s a reason why they are referred to as ‘sun’ glasses.

If you think wearing sunglasses indoors is cool, then you’re wrong. Sunglasses are meant to protect you from the harsh sun rays. Wearing them indoors only makes you look dumb.

Concealing your eyes also makes you less approachable to both men and women. Showing your entire face reveals a lot about yourself.

14. Visible Crack and Sagging

Both of these are disgustingly unattractive. No one wants to see the type of boxers or undies you have one. So, pull up your trousers.

Also, go for trousers that fully cover your behind to avoid embarrassing moments when you bend or crouch.

15. Excessive Jewelry

Unless you’re doing a collabo with Young Thug or 2Chainz on a rap music video, kindly avoid large jewelry. Limit your jewelry to one or two pieces maximum.

16. Sports Jerseys Every Time

Sports Jerseys – what does their name tell you about them?

They should only be worn during sports events when at home or a sports game. They are not for routine.

If you’re short of shirts, spare some shopping time exclusively for t-shirts. These are cheap, and you can get several for a few bucks.

17. Finger Shoes

Finger Shoes

With more than enough ugly shoes in the market, there was still room for finger shoes. I have never seen anything as ugly as these.

Wearing them makes you look like a low-budget Spiderman. You’ll come across these pair of shoes mostly with gym guys. Just like drugs, say no to these.

18. Selfie Sticks

Any man who uses selfie sticks, whether straight or gay, should be given a serious, long pep talk.

The selfie stick phenomenon is a disgrace to manhood, no offense to the inventor. Our toxic masculinity just doesn’t allow it.

19. Large Headphones

Large Headphones

Since when did having large headphones on in public become cool?

If they are, then I’m really old and out of fashion. But this is what I know – large headphones in public make you ridiculously awful. Leave the headphones for the studio. That’s why earphones were invented.

20. Relying Heavily on Brands

If you’ve been buying clothes simply because they come from a ‘prestigious brand,’ then you’ve been doing it wrong all along.

Buy clothes based on how they look, fit, and feel and not the brand badge they carry.


One thing that brings about all these problems is following trends blindly. There’s no need to follow every fashion trend that pops out.

Remember, trends fade over time, and what you purchase today might leave you looking ridiculous tomorrow.

How do you avoid the mistakes mentioned above?

Don’t waste your money on trendy outfits. Instead, invest in high-quality clothes. Go for staple attires first, and then you can spend your extra cash on trendy clothes.

But whatever you do, don’t wear your belt with suspenders.

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