Lil Bibby’s Haircut: How To Style Your Hair Like Him

Are you in search of inspiration to change your look? You want to look classy and trendy at the same time? 

Buying some trendy clothes seems like a good idea. Ahh.. that would be too expensive. How about having an elegant haircut? That would make sense. 

Trying a different haircut would never be a bad idea. You will grow your hair back in a month and could go for any other hairstyle after that. Not only that but giving your hair a different dye also makes a lot of difference to your personality. 

When talking about a unique hairstyle, we all know how popular Lil Bibby is, in this regard. He has many different haircuts lately. The one he got in November 2020 is a subject of discussion in many magazines and articles. 

Lil Bibby has always been in the spotlight. His adorable personality and overall appearance have influenced millions around the world. 

His crazy fans are in the queue to get the hairstyle he has recently come forward with. If you are one of them looking for some information regarding Lil Bibby’s haircut, you are at the exact right spot. 

This article will be a complete guide about Lil Bibby’s hairstyle, how to get that hairstyle, why you should get one, and some tips and reminders to carry the hairstyle correctly. 

Who actually Lil Bibby is?

Brandon George, popularly known as Lil Bibby, is an American hip-hop rapper. He started his career back in 2011. Since then, he had become famous for the unique hairstyles he comes with. 

This 26 years old guy was born in Chicago. From his very early age, he has started influencing the youth. Today, with almost 2 million followers on Instagram, he is the rising star in the singing industry. 

Lil Bibby’s Haircut Name

If you have reached this far, you might be wondering what this haircut actually is? What is it called? Will it look good on me? Which hair type will this haircut suit the best? 

You don’t have to worry about that anymore. We got you all the answers for you. 

Lil Bibby Line-up fade haircut

The hairstyle that Lil Bibby got recently is called the Line-up fade hairstyle. This hairstyle is also known as edge-up or shape-up. 

The reason for the popularity of this hairstyle is that barbers got to show their skills. Who a real barber is can be determined if you get this hairstyle from him. 

Who Can Get This Haircut?

If you got those wavy, curly, and frizzy type hair, this hairstyle is for you. 

Get this hairstyle in the summer season, and you are ready to rock every party and event. This hairstyle gives such beachy vibes that you don’t have to worry about your hair anymore. Get the hairstyle done once, and you are good to go to every party. 

With this stylish and neat hairstyle, you can look so trendy. You just have to tell your barber whether you need a low or a high fade. The significant difference occurs when you style your hair at the top. Go with the most classy way for top hairstyling. 

A little change in details can make such a huge difference. It depends on you whether you want to have a tough, conservative, or trendy look. This can be done by changing the little details on the top. 

How To Get Lil Bibby’s Haircut?

Now that you have a little know-how of what this hairstyle is and what hair type does it suits the best, we will let you know how to get this hairstyle. 

We will provide you with a step-by-step guide that will help you understand what measures you need to take to rock the look. 

Important Things to Remember Before Getting The Haircut

Before getting a haircut similar to Lil Bibby’s, you need to understand that the most essential thing in it is the lineup. 

If the lineup is not on the fleek, there is no point in getting the haircut. Basically, the lineup is the base on which the whole hairstyle stands. Don’t get it from the barber if you think he will not be able to do it right. 

The other important thing to remember is, do not to take the lineup as an overwhelming challenge.

If you are doing it yourself or having it done by a beginner, keep that in mind that it will look right when you break the lineup in small steps.

There is nothing to worry about, just be confident and go with the flow. 

Lil Bibby Haircut – A Step-By-Step Guide

Lil Bibby Haircut - A Step-By-Step Guide
Line-up Fade Hairstyles

Let us look at three simple steps to get this haircut done. 

Step 1: Simply begin with the side having arches and vertical bars. 

Vertical bars

You need to make the vertical bars parallel to the edge of the eyebrows. Try to do it as precisely as possible. 

Creating arches

After making vertical bars, you need to make the arches. Keep the arches as firm as possible. A trick to do it right for the beginners is to draw a line and then trace it over. This will give the most precise cuts possible. 

Step 2: Vertical bars and arches on the other side

The steps mentioned above should be repeated with the same preciseness on the other side of the head. 

You should be mindful of creating the same thing on the other side. The slightest mistake will ruin the hairstyle. Make sure to keep the vertical bars symmetrical. 

Step 3: Making lineup

Now that you are done with the vertical bars and arches on both sides, the next step is to join them. It is essential to consider the natural line of the person you are making this hairstyle on. 

Start from the middle. 

Start from the middle and take the line to any side, preferably towards the thin side. This way, the lineup will be more precise, and less hair will be taken up. 

Use your best friend – Mirror

While making a lineup, be sure to use the mirror. As it is said: “Mirror never lies.” To make sure that the lineup is precise and symmetrical, don’t forget to check it in the mirror. 

Follow the steps given above exactly as they are mentioned to get the desired results. 

Tips and Reminders For Lil Bibby’s Haircut

If you are getting this hairstyle for the first time or if you are a barber trying to make this on one of your customers, you should remember a few tips. This haircut demands preciseness and your full attention. 

1. Lit Environment

Make sure the place where you are making this haircut is fully lit. The preciseness will not be achieved in a dark environment.

2. Use the mirror

Don’t forget to keep the mirror in front of the person who is getting the haircut. The mirror always makes you see things that you cannot see directly.

3. Stay Alert

You should be fully alert while making the vertical bars and arches on the other side. A minor difference on both sides will make the person look horrible. 

4. Create lineup towards the thin hair

You need to understand that the hair, once taken up, will not return back to its place. The right approach is to start taking up hair towards the side with the thinnest hair while creating a lineup. Chances of recovering the lineup will be feasible this way. 

5. Don’t push the lineup

Keep the lineup as natural as possible. Pushing it too much to the back will only give a horrifying look.

6. Making cut on yourself

There is nothing wrong with getting the haircut on your own if you are confident enough. If you can afford any mistake, then what’s wrong with giving it a try. 

There are a few things that you need to consider in addition to the steps mentioned above. 

  • Sit as close to the mirror as possible. This haircut demands preciseness, and it can be achieved only by putting the complete focus on the line you are creating.
  • Place an additional light source near you. A floor lamp with an adjustable neck will do the best in this case. No wonder you can pick any light source available.
  • Start with the smaller cuts. When I say small, you actually need to focus on it. Making bigger cuts suddenly might create a disaster. 

Final thoughts

Lil Bibby’s new hairstyle is driving his fans crazy. Many of them are on the verge of getting it as soon as possible-this article aimed to guide you on how and when to get this hairstyle. 

The tips and reminders at the end are the most essential tool in this whole article. If you are getting a haircut soon, don’t miss the information. 

We have gathered all the essential points after a lot of research for making a haircut. These points will help you a lot while getting Lil Bibby’s haircut. 

Don’t forget to comment on what you think about Lil Bibby’s trending haircut. If you tried getting a haircut, let us know how it looked and what you liked about it. Share it with your friends if you liked the precise details we mentioned.

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