How to Nail the Bald with Beard Trend: A Style Guide for Men

Is age catching up with you? You have probably shaved more times in the last three months than your entire adult life. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – even if you don’t have the recipe. We all know that hormones prompt baldness at a certain point in a man’s life.

What if I told you there is no need to fight it? Baldness is a stage in most men’s lives, and you have to accept it. Instead of fighting your baldness, why don’t you embrace it? Only this time, complement it with one hell of a beard.

Rock the same style as the legendary Bruce Willis and Jason Statham. These men have been bald since we can all remember but still manage to maintain their classy look. How do they do it?

Jason Statham - How to Get the "Bald with Beard" Look at
Jason Statham

My article today touches on “How to get the bald with beard look.” Baldness shouldn’t come between you and style. Become “the bald and the beautiful!”

Why You Need to Go For the Bald With Beard Look?

If you’re still having doubts about whether this is the right look for you, here are fantastic and viable reasons you need to consider it.

It is a Chic Magnet

Yes! If you want more ladies looking at your side, this is the look to go for. Research shows that women love bearded bald men more. Why, because it makes them look strong, smart, dominant, charming, and good-looking – All the qualities a lady would want in her man.

A bald head with a firm beard brings out the tough and manly side of you, which is a huge turn-on for many women.

Makes You Look Younger and More Attractive

How to Get the "Bald with Beard" Look -

It is no secret that the ‘bald with beard’ look is attractive. Look at celebrities who have managed to pull this out (Jason Statham, for instance). People pay more attention to them.

This creative and extraordinary combination makes you stand out and get noticed easily. If you’re the type of guy who loves clout and hype, this is what to go for.

Also, studies have shown that bald, bearded men look younger than what they are. This is more so when they decide to dye their grey beard. You now know the secret: conceal your grey hair to look twice as young.

Hides the Long and Double Chins

If you’re insecure about your long chin, a great option is to conceal it using your beard.

This also applies to a double chin. A thick beard is an answer to any ‘chin deformity.’ It brings back the confidence you need. The full and pointed beards should be the choice to go for here.

A Balanced Look

How to Get Bald with Beard Look - A Balance look

Now that you aren’t growing hair on your head, chances are that they’ll begin growing elsewhere- possibly on the beard or mustache.

This is the perfect way to balance your look without making much effort. Moreover, the ‘bald with beard’ look is trendy and fashionable.

There is no need to worry about losing hair on your head. When a door closes, a window opens. Add your facial hair for a stylish and fashionable look!

Gives You the Desired Facial Shape

Going bald brings out the true shape of your head, sad but true. Your facial hair will rescue you from this. It contours and adjusts the shape of your head to give you the desired look. Skinny guys, for instance, can grow out sideburns for a bolder look.

Before deciding on what specific style to go for, it is important to determine your natural facial shape.

Luckily, our next sub-heading touches on the beard style for the different facial shapes.

Intellectual Look

A bald and bearded look is also associated with intellect. This is especially when it’s combined with a pair of glasses. People are biased psychologically to bearded and bald men. They perceive them as successful and dominant.

If you want to score big in interviews, business meetings, or during negotiations, then you know what look to settle for.

The ‘Tough Guy’ Look


Some men complain that shaving gives them a childish look. This is the case when you lack a beard or mustache. If you want to maintain the ‘tough guy’ look, then what you need is a good beard. It gives you a sense of style and masculinity. 

What Shape is Your Face?

Deciding to go for the ‘bald with beard’ look is one thing. Selecting the right beard style for this look is another. Different beard styles will suit people with different facial shapes differently.

There are seven different main types of facial shapes: oblong, rectangular, round, square, diamond, inverted triangle, and triangle.

Once you define your facial shape, the next step is to choose the right beard style. Here are the best beard styles for different facial shapes. Where do you lie?


How does a triangular-shaped face look like? It isn’t exactly like a triangle (of course, this would be impossible). It features a small and narrow forehead with a large jawline.

This shape is tricky for the ‘bald with beard’ look since the volume where the beard needs to be is occupied. For this, I don’t recommend you going for the full beard.

Worry not; you still got a couple of options left. You will need to have your beard short and neat. You can alternatively grow it long but keeping it short on the sides. Sculpt it inwards for an oval face illusion.

I suggest three beard styles for this shape: the Balbo, goatee and mustache, and chin strap with mustache beard.

Inverted Triangle

This face is characterized by a narrow chin and a wider forehead. Keep as much beard as you can on the chin to add its weight and balance with the forehead. The full beard will work perfectly with this facial shape.

Full beards are considered low maintenance. However, their bottoms need to be round and symmetrical.

The types of beards that would work perfectly with this facial shape include the mutton chops, chin curtain, and extended goatee.


The diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and chin with wider cheekbones. To fit the shape perfectly, you need to go for a beard style with shorter sides and an out-grown bottom.

Since the cheeks are sharper than the chin, hair on the chin should be slightly shorter.

Examples of beard styles that would rock with this shape include the Balbo, full beard, goatee, and chin strap and mustache.


The round facial shape has a wide hairline (its most distinguishable mark) with full cheekbones. Going for a long beard will be the best option here. Have the sides short and focus on making your beard as long as possible.

All goatee styles will suit perfectly with this facial shape – the goatee with a mustache, extended goatee, and half goatee.

A bald head and a goatee mustache never disappoint, even with the round facial shape. Other beards to consider for this shape include the soul patch and chin strap.


The square shape has the hairline the jawline wide. If you have this kind of facial shape, avoid straight lines.

Instead, use facial hair to smoothen your face. Dealing with a beard of the square shape is somehow similar to that of the round face. You need to make your face long and narrow.

Since the face is angular, you’ll have to shape your beard as it grows. Cut it on the sides and let it grow thick around the chin area. Mold it into a rounded or oval shape as it grows longer.

Beard styles that would work perfectly with this shape include the Balbo, goatee, and chin strap.


Rectangular faces are almost twice as long as they are wide. The cheek lines are straight and run down to the jawline.

The difference between the rectangular and oblong shapes is that this one has an angular jawline.

Which beard style will work perfectly with it?

The extended goatee, chin curtain, and full beard are the options to go for.


The oblong facial shape has a long and narrow structure. Avoid beard styles that will increase its length but rather focus on the width. A short beard at the bottom and full ones on the sides is a great trick. It makes your face appear wide.

I highly recommend the mutton chops for this type of face.

What are Some of the Beard Styles for Bald Men?

Now that you know what type of face you have, you can easily pick out the best beard style. I have briefly recommended the best beard styles for each face.

Here is a detailed guide on some of these styles.

My picks above are just suggestions. You literally have hundreds of options to choose from. Get yourself a good barber for the perfect look.

Full Beard

Leading the list is the full beard. The rate at which your hair grows will determine how fast you can grow the full beard. Put the razor aside for a month or two and let your beard grow to its full potential.

However, be sure to trim it once in a while for proportionate growth. The neckline is one important area to focus on.


The goatee comes in different variations; half goatee, the extended goatee, and goatee with a mustache, among others.  Nothing could possibly go wrong with this look. From doctors, law enforcement officers, and businessmen, everyone pulls off the legendary goatee look.

Beard Stubble

The stubble is probably the most convenient and easiest way to start growing facial hair. Forget about shaving for a week or two, depending on how fast your facial hair can grow. Once the beard is at your desired length, get that beard trimmer and clean it up into well-trimmed stubble.

Mutton Chops

For the old-fashioned men who love classic movies and songs, the mutton chop is one familiar look. Change in time hasn’t been enough to prompt this style extinct. It seemed to disappear some time ago but has once again resurged with massive popularity.

The style comes in different ways. One common method is to grow full sideburns and extend them downwards to the sides of the cheek without connecting them to your chin or mustache hair.

Disconnected Beard

The disconnected beard entails you keeping your mustache and beard with the sides trimmed.

The style requires lots of maintenance and upkeep but kills it. It is a unique style that portrays neatness and tidiness. The thickness of the beard and mustache can vary to your liking.

Long and Full Beard

You have to be dedicated if you wish to have a long and full beard. It isn’t difficult, but it requires patience. You should forget about shaving for several months. The beard will grow at an average of half an inch every month.

While the beard is growing, keep it tidy. Comb and oil it regularly for tidiness and good beard health too. You don’t want people mistaking you for a homeless guy, do you?

You can also consider trimming the ends to prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.

The Yeard

If you thought the long and full beard requires time and dedication, then you haven’t met the yeard.

Just as the name suggests, you let things grow with this beard: no interference, no trimming, no nothing. You will only be required to comb and oil it once in a while for a neat look.

How fast the yeard will grow is entirely dependent on the rate of growth of your beard. It’s never a race-keep that in mind.


You don’t choose the wavy beard style; it chooses you. This beard comes naturally to some people. If you have a wavy beard, don’t waste your time or resources trying to straighten it. You will only make things worse and can even damage your hair in the process.

The wavy beard tends to be ‘tangle-ish.’ So, get yourself a nice beard brush/comb with an oil or balm and keep it tamed.

What You Need (Recommended Grooming Tools)

The final step is to equip yourself with the right tools to make it happen. Here’s what you’ll need.





HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor


Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System


Truefitt & Hill 1805 Luxury Shaving Soap

Shaving soap

Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System



How do you get the ‘bald with beard’ look?

Pretty simple: determine what facial shape you have then go for a beard style that suits it perfectly. 

Achieving this look fully might take time, but totally worth it. Always have your comb and beard oil near for a healthy and tidy beard.

Baldness shouldn’t be something to shy away from anymore. Embrace it, and be creative. You might not be able to control the hair on your head, but you can decide how your beard will grow.

What style are you settling for? Let me know!

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