How to Grow A Beard Fast? – 10 Tips to Grow Faster

The beard, today as formerly is a symbol of power, virility and some would even say wisdom. But are we all equal before the hair?

Many of you ask me these questions:

You will find on the web many articles (and especially advertisements disguised as an article) that prescribe miracle methods or medicines to obtain a beautiful dense beard.

However, to grow the beard fast, there are many tips, some more relevant and natural than others, it’s up to you to sort according to your real motivation.

10 Tips That Speed Up Your Beard Growth

Yes, gentlemen, not everyone has the chance to wear a silky fleece in the face.

Although today fashion is driving this style with more and more care for the maintenance of the beard.

Nature is sometimes cruel, but here I’d like to take care of you. I looked for and found some tips to help you grow your hair.

These techniques can also help make the hair thicker and in better health so that the shoot is faster.

Have An Impeccable Lifestyle

Have an impeccable lifestyle

First of all, the first thing to implement is of course to have a healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the survey, the cigarette that clogs your skin. It’s best to rinse your face with clean, warm water.

This will allow you to make it clean and hydrated even before showering. Dirt or dash skin creates a thin film invisible to the naked eye that prevents your hair from growing properly.

To grow a beard goes through this first simple but not always automatic gesture in men.

Do the same just before going to bed, to get rid of all the impurities of everyday life (Pollution, microbes, kisses to your spouse).

Castor Oil for a Denser and Fortified Beard

Castor oil

If you’re looking to grow your beard faster, you’ve probably heard about castor oil. It is vegetable oil, very often proposed in the BIO formula.

therefore it is a natural solution that is the joy of many men by its virtues.

Indeed, this is a solution to grow the beard more quickly. This serum with a greasy and viscous texture has the effect of healing, purifying, softening, moisturizing, but also ESPECIALLY … This treatment has the effect of accelerating the growth of hair.

So YES gentlemen, castor oil can actually accelerate the growth of the beard. It is preferably applied on a dry beard and mask (because the oil is very fat).

Here are 4 steps for applying the mask:

  1. Apply the oil on a dry beard. Remember to apply on ALL beards.
  2. Heat a towel slightly moistened (in the microwave it will do the trick)
  3. Apply the hot towel on the beard and let it sit for half an hour so that the oil penetrates the hair well.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.

The Legend of The Razor

safety razor

Surely you’ve already heard, “If you shave that, you’ll grow a beard.”

False! Contrary to what is said, shaving regularly does not act on hair growth. What I advise you is simply to allow time to grow without interruption.

This will allow the skin’s pores to open further for optimal growth.

A little trick: It is clear that the first days the beard is not very aesthetic when I have little hair. Take advantage of your vacation to grow your beard and avoid unpleasant thoughts in the office.

The massages favor the growth of the hair

the massages favor the growth of the hair

Your hairdresser will tell you, the massages of the skull favor and stimulate the growth of the hair.

For the face, it’s the same. A light massage of the parts of the face can help stimulate hair growth. Using your ten fingers puts light pressure on the face for about ten minutes a day.

Small circular movements will suffice. If your entourage asks questions, closing oneself in solitude is not the answer. You can however share this article with them before they think you’re crazy.

Stress, you will avoid

Stress, you will avoid

Know that anxiety makes the hair thinner and delays its growth. Successfully decreasing your stress and making life cooler could save time in the regrowth of your beard.

Have a Regular Sport Activity

sport activity

A healthy body is a body that plays sports. But to grow a beard you will need iron health.

You will have understood the correlation and the importance of playing sports regularly.

Are you running out of time? For information, a daily jog of 20 to 30 minutes can be enough …

Tobacco is boring

Tobacco is boring

You suspect, smoking will be one of your main enemies in this quest. The immune weakening that you suffer because of smoking has a direct impact on the growth of your beard. Sorry to tell you.

Indeed, nicotine will decrease the absorption of nutrients by the body. But to grow the beard nutrients are essential.

Good Nutrition Is Essential

Good nutrition

This leads us directly to another very important point in your quest: good nutrition.

Proteins and saturated fatty acids are pillars in the good health of your hair and promote faster growth. Do not abuse animal fats that can also be unhealthy if they are absorbed in large amounts.

Also leave out sweets, sodas or junk food (among others). Vitamin B is the source of good hair, especially Biotin (vitamin B8) is very important in your case. You can find it in egg yolk, liver, milk, soy, or oats.

Biotin coupled with vitamins A, C, and E will put you in the ideal conditions to reach your initial goal. They promote the production of sebum, allow a good performance of your immune system, and improve blood circulation.

Remember to hydrate yourself by drinking water all day long. Nothing like a well-hydrated body to grow the beard more quickly. One liter of water a day is the minimum.

Medical Treatments

Medical Treatments

Even if I don’t recommend medical treatments and prefer natural solutions, I need to talk about them so that you have a global vision of the solutions available to you. Before trying any of these treatments apply each of the tips listed above well.

There is therefore the Minoxidil that is usually used in cases of baldness because it helps stimulate hair growth. This is a liquid to apply to sparse areas.

In the form of pills, finasteride is also a medicine for combating baldness. It increases the testosterone level, hence its ability to grow the beard more quickly. With a daily intake of a seal for several months, you should see results.

How to Grow A Beard Fast - Finasteride
How to Grow A Beard Fast – Finasteride

The beard transplant is also a phenomenon that is becoming more common for ten years, with a result of the natural and consistent look that remains an option. Only downside: the price of the operation between $3500 and $6000, to think twice.

Be Patient, You Will Be

In short, there is no miracle trick to grow hair where there is not yet.

The best thing to do is to have the best lifestyle possible (a balanced diet, sports, and 8 hours of sleep) and be patient since your hair can still evolve until you turn 30 years old.

After that age, if a full beard still doesn’t decorate your face, it’s because nature has decided that way.

But you can outsmart it with medicine. After the consultation, a doctor may prescribe Minoxidil (a medicine often prescribed in the fight against baldness), but expect side effects such as irritation, acne, and dry skin.

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