The Quest for the Perfect Hue: Finding the Best Beard Coloring Products

Dyeing your beard is one thing, but finding the right color to match your skin tone and style is another.

I have often come across men who have dyed their beards and wondered, “Were you blind?”. You have to find the right balance between your skin tone and the color of the dye.

Don’t worry if all this sounds foreign to you. That is what this article is about – how to find the best beard coloring.

I aim to help you avoid looking like a clown simply because you went for the wrong dye.

A good dye will determine whether you’ll be the center of attraction or everyone’s laughing stock!

Why Would You Want to Dye Your Beard?

Why bother? You might ask yourself. Why should a man go through all the hassle of dyeing his beard?

Well, if you don’t consider dyeing your beard an option, then know that many people do, and for different reasons.

Here are a few reasons for dyeing beards.

Age is Catching Up

How to Find the Best Beard Coloring

One characteristic change associated with aging, apart from wrinkles, is a change of hair color. And as much as we respect the gray hair of age, not everyone likes it. While some men perceive gray hair as a sign of wisdom, others think it makes them look old.

The surest method of hiding this is by dyeing your hair.

Dyeing your beard won’t stop it from turning gray with time, but it will prolong the effect. You can comfortably deceive people about your age with a dyed beard. ‘How old do I look?’ Twice as young!

Employment Purposes

Although age goes hand in hand with experience, most employers would rather settle for young and vibrant labor. Gray hair definitely doesn’t portray this. So, how do you cheat your way into getting employed? By dyeing your hair.

I am sure you aren’t willing to lose your job simply because a few strands of gray hair sold you out, are you?

Change in Appearance

Some men dye their hair to change their appearances. You’ve probably been having the same look since the year started, and now you feel it’s time to move on. Aside from shaving or changing your hairstyle, dyeing your beard is another effective way of doing this.

When changing your appearance, you can settle for any color: be it ginger, blue, green- anything you like.

You don’t need anyone dictating what you can or cannot do.

As long as you are confident that the color will look good on you, you’re free to proceed.

Love for Your Beard

You will want to take care of your beard and make it the best when you naturally love it. Serious hairy men don’t take their beards for granted and even develop a beard grooming routine.

Aside from applying oil to your beard and brushing it regularly, dyeing it is another grooming routine.

It shows that you are willing to invest more into having the best beard.

Dyeing your beard is a simple procedure that won’t consume much of your time.

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Dye?

Color Selection

How to Find the Best Beard Coloring? By

The color selection is the first and probably the most important factor when choosing your beard’s dye.

Even if you don’t believe it, finding the right color for your beard can be difficult. One rule that many newbies may not know is that you need to go for a slightly lighter color than the natural color of your beard.

Lighter beards look more natural, although not in all cases. Your beard’s natural color might be dark brown or black, which will require you to go for a darker dye.

The good news is that there is a wide range of selection when it comes to the colors of dye.

If it is your first time dyeing your beard, I recommend that you go for a shade lighter of the color you choose. If it doesn’t suit you, you can always darken it.

Pro Tip:

When choosing a dye, go for a color that is slightly lighter than that of your beard.

Permanent or Temporary?

How long do you want to maintain your beard color?

That should be the next factor to ring a bell. Many first-time dyers always assume dyeing is a long-term thing.

Not necessarily! While permanent dyes are common everywhere, it doesn’t have to be the case. You can even opt to dye your hair for a few hours.

What’s the difference between temporary and permanent dye, and which one should you go for?

  • Temporary Dyes

Temporary beards, as the name suggests, only last for a limited duration. This is because the dye doesn’t penetrate very deep into the hair the same way permanent dye does. Temporary dye only colors the outside layers of the beard without causing any chemical reactions.

Temporary dyes also come with brush applicators for an easier application process. Dye your hair perfectly without making a mess of yourself.

That’s not all; with a temporary dye, you only need to wash the dye off if you want to do away with it. You can re-apply different colors on different consecutive days, washing off the previous color each night.

What of its downside?

A temporary dye can destroy your sheets and pillow at night if you don’t wash it off. So, it’s very important to wash it if you want to keep your pillow.

Temporary dyes are for those who want to experiment with their hairs. You are not looking for something long-term, something that will hold you hostage for a very long time, no! You want to show off to people how well different colors work on you. If you are this type of person, then the temporary dye is for you.

The great thing with the temporary dye is that it washes off easily. You have nothing to lose even if you go for a wrong color selection.

On the other hand, if you find a color that you love and would wish to keep it longer, you only need to wash the dye with a color-safe shampoo and cold water.

Pro Tip:

Wash off your temporary dye at night if you don’t want it staining the pillow.

  • Permanent Dye

The word permanent here doesn’t mean that the dye will last your entire life. Not really, but for several weeks or months.

This only should be reason enough to tell you that you need to be extra careful when deciding on the dye’s color. You don’t want to be stuck with the wrong bearded color for months, do you?

There are lots of products that will help you get rid of permanent dye. Whatever you do, don’t shave your beard!

Once you apply it, there is no going back. The good side is that you don’t have to keep on re-applying it every day.

Moreover, a permanent dye looks more natural than a temporary one. Also, there is a wider selection of permanent dyes to choose from.

Temporary dye (as mentioned above) doesn’t penetrate deep into your beards and only colors the outer beard layers. This is the total opposite of permanent dyes.

A permanent dye is made by mixing ammonia and hydrogen oxide with a coloring agent. There will be a chemical reaction. While it will give your beard its permanent coloring, it can also damage it.

Which brings me to my next consideration?


No artificial color chemicals

What is included in the box of the dye that you are about to use could make or damage you.

The chemicals used to make beard dyes can be harmful, especially for those with sensitive skin. I heavily emphasize on the word ‘can’ and not ‘will.’ You will, therefore, need a dye for people with sensitive skin.

Not all chemicals are harmful. In fact, the chemicals are necessary to ensure the permanence of the dye.

The thing is that some chemicals are a bit harsher than others. That’s why the market has dyes for sensitive skinwhich I highly recommend you to go for.

There are some dyes whose ingredients are all-natural. These are also on the buying list. For people with sensitive skin, avoid dyes that contain ammonia at all costs. Although ammonia plays a huge role in dyeing hair, it can be very harmful. It is very harsh on sensitive skin.

Why is ammonia harmful?

Well, it works by opening the surface of hair follicles. Doing so allows the beard dye to penetrate deep into the hair, not just the surface. The result is a longer-lasting, deeper dye. The downside is that it is highly reactive and can cause lots of irritation. Honestly, it isn’t worth the risk.

But if your skin is a tough and robust one, then there is no need to be afraid of ammonia. It plays a huge role in bringing out the best and deepest color of your dye.

Pro Tip:

Natural pigments such as henna can act as dye alternatives if you’re sensitive to the ingredients.

Ease of Application

Yes! Put into consideration how easy or difficult it will be to apply the dye before taking it from the shelf.

I’m positive you wouldn’t want to spend your whole morning applying dye to your beard. As men, some activities are not that appealing to us. The quicker you’re done with the process, the better.

Some dyes are quicker and easier to apply than others. For instance, powdered dyes come with lots of positive features. Unfortunately, the ease of applying isn’t one of them. You’ll first have to mix the powder into a paste before applying it.

The best beard dyes come when already mixed. Their formula is normally thick, making them easier and quicker to apply.

Also, a good beard dye will come with everything you need for the application. By everything, I mean the mixing bowl, application brush, tubes, and protective gloves.

Protective stuffs for Dying Beard

Don’t overlook these items, as they are necessary to help your beard stick.

Can You Dye Your Beard From Home?

Yes, definitely! Dyeing your beard is a simple DIY activity that you can undertake behind your mirror.

We have an entire article dedicated to ‘How to Dye Your Beard‘ You should check it out for more insights.

If you are a newbie, extra caution is recommended. This is especially when dealing with permanent dye.

Final Thoughts

I hope I have remained true to my course and provided you with everything you need to know about beard coloring – if not everything, then all the important info.

Finding the right dye is the first step in dyeing your beard. If you go for the wrong product, then everything else becomes a failure.

Finally, going for high-quality beard dyes will also play a role in the final look. Don’t settle for anything less than quality!

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