How to Dye Your Beard? – 8 Simple Steps

Is gray hair catching up with you? While most people see this as a sign of experience and wisdom, others associate it with old age.

Many men don’t like the idea of getting old. Looking yourself in the mirror only to see protruding strands of graybeards is disheartening.

There is a solution to this, luckily. While you can’t lower your age, you can conceal the gray hair that signals it.

Dyeing your beard is a viable solution. It’s a nice way of covering your age while simultaneously remaining trendy.

Don’t you admire people who have mastered the art of finding the right balance between their skin tone and dye color?

Men are overgrown boys, and some are clumsy enough not to apply their beard dyes properly. You don’t want to be among them. Consider my article on how to dye your beard.

The Process of Dyeing Your Beard

I’ll take you through a simple and detailed guide on the proper way of dyeing your beard.

Some people complicate the process for no reason. Dyeing your beard is divided into 8 simple steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. The sensitivity test
  3. Washing your beard
  4. Adding a protective layer
  5. Preparing the dye
  6. Applying the dye
  7. Color test
  8. Washing and Rinsing

You shouldn’t incur any hitches in the process. But in case you do, be sure to let me know in the comment section below.

Now, let’s get into serious dyeing business.

Step 1: Preparation

Similar to any DIY activity, the first step of dyeing your beard is preparation. And by preparation, I mean acquiring all the necessary tools and items.

What will you need?

  1. Beard dye. Include an oxidant if necessary.
  2. Rubber gloves to protect your hands from the dye.
  3. Applicator. If it doesn’t come with the dye, you can opt for a toothbrush, mascara brush, or small comb depending on your preference.
  4. Paper towels.
  5. Vaseline for protecting your skin from the dye. You can also opt for mineral oil.
  6. Tint remover for wiping out any stains. Ensure to test the sensitivity of your skin first.

If you have all these things in place, you can proceed to the next steps.

Step 2: The Sensitivity Test

The next step is to perform the sensitivity test.

How do you do this?

Mix a little bit of dye and place it in an inconspicuous part of your body part. This may be behind your ear or the inside of your arm. Leave it for 24 hours.

When the 24 hours are over, wash the area and check for inflammation or redness. Having no inflammation is a go-ahead to use the dye. It means you aren’t sensitive to the dye’s ingredients.

If you incur any inflammation, then it should be a red flag signaling that you need to pick another dye.

Step 3: Washing Your Beard

Should you or should you not wash your beard?

This is one controversial topic with different views. Well, there are two schools of thought on the subject.

Some people claim that you must wash your beard prior to applying your dye. Other people, on the other hand, dismiss it as non-compulsory. Both parties have tabled valid arguments.

Those who are in for washing the beard claim that doing so removes any dead skin present and nourishes the hair follicles. Also, they say that washing the beard helps retain the dye.

The second school of thought says that washing your beard robs it of its natural oils that help to retain the dye.

Who is right? I strongly support the first argument of washing your beard. A clean beard is good for the dye.

Step 4: Adding a Protective Layer

The next step is to add a protective layer of Vaseline or mineral oil. This is to prevent the dye from leaking into your skin. While doing so, ensure that you have your protective gloves on.

I prefer rubber gloves to the other types. Rubber provides you with the needed dexterity and comfort to apply your dye seamlessly.

Pro Tip:

Dyeing your beard can be messy. You should consider putting on an old t-shirt that you wouldn’t mind getting ruined with runs or drips.

Step 5: Preparing The Dye

How do you prepare the dye? By mixing the tube of base color with that of color developer.

The solution will become thick. Don’t use the bristle end of the brush to mix the two solutions. It will bend the brush. A bent bristle will prove hard to apply your dye.

Don’t mix too much dye- just enough to cover your beard once. You do not want to over-apply it, especially if it’s your first time.

Pro Tip:

Henna and natural pigments will make safe alternatives if you’re allergic to the chemicals used in the dye’s ingredients.

Step 6: Applying The Dye

When you are done mixing the solution, you can now apply the dye.

How do you do it?

Dip the tip of the brush into your dye then apply it on your beard using an up and down movement.

How to Dye Your Beard In 8 Simple Steps -

Take your time to apply the dye; there is no rush. Ensure that you reach the deepest parts of the beard and also cover all visible patches.

Be careful not to dye your bare skin.

The manufacturer’s instruction will direct you on how long you should wait after applying the dye. Always follow this! When the allocated time is up, do a color test.

Step 7: Color Test

Use a paper towel or cotton swab and wipe off a portion of the dye. This is to ascertain whether the color intensity is fine. You can also use a cloth towel if you don’t mind it getting stained.

Apply more dye if the color isn’t dark enough, then wait for a few minutes before proceeding.

Timing is crucial in this step. That’s why I insisted on following the time frame as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Waiting too long can cause your beard to take on more color than it should have.

Step 8: Washing and Rinsing

If the color satisfies you, the next step entails rinsing your beard using lukewarm or cold water. Do this until all the excess dye is washed out. Pat the beard dry using a towel.

Later on, you will want to wash your beard or even shower. Ensure that you use a dye -friendly shampoo.

Pro Tip:

If you stain your sink with the dye, dip a cotton swab in a tint remover to wipe it out.

How Do You Maintain Your Beard?

Now that you have applied your beard, you need to take care of it.

The concept is much similar to purchasing a vehicle. You don’t just buy a car, then leave it to rust in the garage, do you?

No, you have to take care of it if for long life.

How do you maintain your beard? Here are a few tips to get you going.

Be careful with shampoos

You’ll want to shampoo your beard at some point instead of the normal rinsing with lukewarm water. This is totally okay. Ensure that you go for high-quality shampoos that are dye-friendly.

Use Beard Oils

Beard oils are great. They help to soften your beard when harsh chemical ingredients make it rough. Always include beard oil in your grooming kits.


Your beard will grow with time. And it will require the occasional touch-up.

The good thing with a touch-up is that it isn’t as extensive as the full-beard coloring. You will only require a few minutes to keep your beard up to date – no much commitment!


Be patient with your dye the same way you were with your beard. It will not always turn out exactly as you wanted.

Give it time. Some dyes are gradual and require time to reach their peak color.

Moreover, if you fully decide to do away with your dye, there are lots of products out there to help you out.

Whatever you decide, don’t shave your beard!


You see, I was right! Dyeing your beard isn’t a difficult task, is it?

As long as you follow all the steps to the latter, you shouldn’t incur any difficulties.

The only crucial step that I would insist on is the rinsing part. Always follow the manufacturer’s guide on how long you need to wait before rinsing it. This is important.

You can now walk comfortably with a black or brown beard without anyone knowing you just hit 50!

Have you ever dyed your beard? Tell us about your experience.

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