How To Comb Your Beard Properly?

Whether you have just reached the glorifying stage of the full beard or you already have a beautiful Garibaldi beard, you should know that your beard is essential.

It is indeed the only way to give it all the glory it deserves, and at the same time avoid the look “caveman” hardly acceptable in society.

But how to comb your beard properly is not as simple as it seems. We must choose the right time to do it, have the right accessory, and especially adopt the right movements to avoid spoiling several weeks of effort to have it grow.

For all bearded men who like to take care of your look, here are the answers to all these questions.

When to Comb Your Beard?

Good moments

Combing your beard should not be done at any time.

For instance in the morning quickly before going to work, as it could be combed in the hair to look better.

Time has been spent to obtain a beard with the appearance provided, and combing it without delicacy would only hinder all these efforts.

To keep a beautiful beard, it is important to take care and pay attention to the health of the hair. That’s why there’s only one perfect time to comb it: just after applying beard oil.

Indispensable for all bearded men who want to both tame their beard and master their look, shaving oil also moisturizes the skin and hair. And when the beard hair is hydrated, it is much easier to comb.

In addition, especially, it will not tend to break the passage of the comb, which will avoid harming the beard by making it involuntarily less dense. The oil, by its texture, also makes it easier to slide the comb inside the beard, and this also facilitates the disentangling of the knots that can be created daily.

The result of this “styling” will only be more successful. Not to mention the fact that the comb in your beard just hydrated is a real pleasure.

Beware of Bad Habits

If a beard is combed only after applying oil to it, it is because there are situations that must be avoided at all costs.

Situations in which beautiful beard hair would fall desperately into the sink, and in which beautiful, dense beards would lose their splendor.

  • When the beard is wet: Combing a wet beard is a mistake not to commit. Unlike beard oil, and despite appearances, water doesn’t have the same “slippery” effect: the comb, therefore, tends to lose beard hair and make the whole less dense, especially if the hairs are not thick at the origin.
  • When the beard has just been dried: Combing a beard that has just been dried is also a mistake not to commit. In addition to creating knots if the drying was manual, the heat created during the friction tends to weaken the root of the hair, and they are more easily torn or broken during the combing.

What Type of Comb Should I use?

A simple matter

If the classic comb, the one we all met at least once when we were young, is obviously the essential accessories to comb your beard, the choice is not so simple as that.

It is indeed important to choose the material in which the comb was created. And in this area, there are only two that really give satisfaction: horn and wood.

The wooden comb


The wood takes advantage of its natural material to take care of the beard during combing and give it a better look. Its teeth, always soft, slide easily in the beard and allow to remove the nodes with delicacy. It is also antistatic, which allows it to remove all the static electricity accumulated in the beard during the day.

In addition, as wood is a robust material, the teeth do not present a risk of breakage: the wooden comb becomes the ideal accessory that can be taken everywhere, especially when traveling.

Especially since its raw appearance perfectly matches the masculine image given by the beard.

The horn comb


Natural, the horn comes from keratin. It is also found in the nails, the hair, and all the hairs. But having the same composition is not the only reason that the horn comb is ideal for combing your beard since it will also help make your beard more beautiful.

It has many virtues: it makes it brighter, it detangles hair and knots without ever being aggressive. It is antistatic and it also tends to give more volume. It is even said of them that the horn comb has a de-stressing effect.

How to Choose The Right Comb?

To comb your beard properly, however, it is not enough to choose the first horn comb or wood comb.

Some have long teeth, others have short teeth (some even have both on the same handle), and sometimes the spacing of these teeth is wide while sometimes it is narrow.

Since the comb must separate the beard hairs from each other without tearing them off, it must be perfectly adapted. So how to choose the right one?

In fact, everything is a matter of beard thickness and type of hair:

  • For a short beard: a comb with small teeth is enough.
  • For a beard provided: a comb with long teeth is mandatory.
  • For smooth hairs and wavy hairs: the spacing of the teeth may be narrow.
  • For curly hairs and frizzy hairs: the spacing of the teeth should be wide.

Plastic is (not) fantastic

In any case, just avoid jumping on the old plastic comb that hangs in the bottom of the closet (or worse, to use the big hairbrush).

If plastic is so discouraged, it is because of the way in which the combs in this material are molded. On the lowest-end models, the teeth may have unsuitable reliefs that could catch the hair of the beard and tear them off.

In addition, since the combing is always done after applying the beard oil, the horn or the wood allows to better distribute this oil on the whole beard and on the skin, while the plastic does not allow any profit in this field there.

How to Comb Your Beard?

A step by step guide comb your beard

Everything is in The movement

To comb your beard is to make your hairs independent. Since once they have been released, they can be controlled more easily, to give the beard the desired look.

The combing of a beard is always delicate and without violence: even if the comb has been carefully selected, the beard hair is always more fragile than the hair, and again, to keep the appearance of this beard, it is important not to break it.

On the other hand, contrary to what one might think, the gesture of combing a beard is reversed: it is necessary first to start with the neck to then go towards the cheeks and at the level of the hair in itself.

First, make sure that the tip is combed before advancing to the root. The reason is very simple: if some beard hair is tangled or knotted, it allows you to work it gently and not to force on it to remove it (and create at the same time a hole in the beard).

Small Advice: For an impeccable effect, it is better to avoid passing the Comb on the perpendicular of the beard but rather to opt for a slight angle of approach and attack. The teeth will then encompass the whole thickness of the beard.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Comb Your Beard

To better represent the movements to follow, here are the different steps to comb your beard:

  • Step 1: With the comb teeth facing upward, comb the hair from the beard of the neck upwards towards the chin. Do not worry if it creates volume.
  • Step 2: With the comb teeth now facing down, comb all the hair that falls off the cheeks and detach from the face. The volume must then begin to decrease.
  • Step 3: Finish by painting the hairs that have grown on the cheeks, making sure to put the tips of the comb teeth against these cheeks.
  • Step 4: If the beard is still a little too bulky, do not hesitate to finish giving it the desired look with the hands, including the fingertips.

And for the mustache, then?

For the combing of the mustache, nothing more simple.

The most useful trick is to get a comb that has both long and short teeth on the same handle: the long teeth will be used to comb the beard while the short teeth will be perfect for combing the mustache.

And this time no real ritual to respect since it is enough to comb it from the center to the end, following the direction of natural growth of the hair.

For any other questions regarding beard combs, don’t hesitate to send us via the contact form.

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