How To Become A Barber? Training, Qualities, Missions

The profession of barber has largely evolved in recent years. Actually, if at the beginning it was simply to take care of the beard and the hair of the men-only on Sunday, the hairdresser barber extends their services at the moment.

So we can find a range of services and aesthetic services dedicated only to men.

This orientation and improvement of the services offered can be explained by the strong demand from customers, who are more interested in finding a unique and professional service at their barbershop.

At the same time, there is the return of beards and whiskers as new trends for men.

If you want to walk through this area and learn all the barber tricks, please find out which barber training courses you should enroll in to become a professional barber.

What are The Missions of The Barber?

the missions of the barber

The services of the barber are reserved for an exclusively male clientele. Unlike the barber of yesteryear, whose only mission was to maintain the beard or the mustache. Today the barber’s profession has evolved somewhat.

Indeed, it can also cut the hair of their customers, to carry out epilations, extensions yes even colorations. However, the barber is really the specialist in maintenance and beard care.

The barbers practice shaving using the old-fashioned shaving technique (with a knife and a badger).

They are able to give a particular shape to whiskers, to cut a goat, or to refine the lines of the mustache.

Even in the barber business, techniques are constantly evolving. They must, therefore, keep abreast of new trends in order to offer them to their customers.

What Qualities Should Barber Have?

Shaving a beard is not any matter. This is something you need to improve as quickly as possible. Razing a skin requires skill, rigor, and professionalism.

To get there, it is imperative to learn barber techniques. These techniques are far more complex than people think.

Actually, a hairdresser specializing in male hairdressing can easily learn them while a mixed hairdresser will take more time in an apprenticeship.

Nevertheless, the good news is that all can do it, but at each your own pace, as part of diversification, an additional skill many hairdressers choose to do a barbering internship in one of the best training centers of Study Center.

What Training To Become a Barber?

Today there is a special barber training that uses traditional shaving or old-fashioned shaving techniques.

How To Become A Barber? - Barber Toolkits

During this barber training, apprentices are oriented towards the use of the cabbage cutter, the razor with interchangeable blades, the scissors, the combs, the mower, the badger, or the shaving soap.

These are the main tools that will make up the panoply of the barber. There are still anti-shave products, traditional wax, and blow-dry brush.

Trimming a customer’s beard is an art that any future barber must master to perfection. Many institutes and professionals offer quality barber training.

In 3 to 5 modules, you can become an expert barber in the best centers. The teachers are experts with many years of experience. They can train you, guide you, and advise you on your project to become the best barber in your city.

The duration of training of a barber can last between 6 months and a year according to the institute that lavishes it.

Barbering techniques are slow to acquire and some tools can be dangerous if handled by novices. This is for example the case of the cabbage cutter that can hurt quickly if not handled properly.

After obtaining the professional certificate, there must also be another test, which however remains optional, which consists of controlling the maintenance methods of a beard.

The barber trade is promising given current trends. However, to get the maximum benefit, it is imperative to follow a professional barber training to master all techniques of realization.

What Opportunities For a Barber?

Like the hairdresser, the barber has a choice between several outlets. You can work in independent or franchised salons or at home. The barber’s trade is practiced while standing up all day, with often irregular schedules.

Final Thoughts

In short, to become a barber, the most important thing is to be a truly passionate and a lover. But that’s not enough on such a technical job, you must also:

  • Be skilled and dexterous to shave the client closely.
  • Have hygiene and impeccable cleanliness.
  • Master shaving techniques.
  • Have a good sense of aesthetics.
  • To know how to adapt to the requests of the customers.
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