Unleash Your Inner Warrior With These 30 Viking Hairstyles For Men (2023)

What hairstyle is as trendy as it is classic, and applies to all hair lengths?

You got it – Viking hairstyles!

I have been trying to achieve the overall Viking vibe for some time which took me through many different looks as I was letting it grow.

Some of them were epic hits and others were epic fails. Hence, I decided to put this post together to help you avoid some pitfalls and share my favorite ones with you. Plus, I’ll give you some insider tips.

I don’t mean to be a spoiler, but once you nail the right Viking look and unleash that inner warrior, there is no turning back.

Are you ready? Sharpen that ax because here we go!

The 30 Best Viking Hairstyles for Men

#1 Rugged, Long Hair With a Beard

Rugged, Long Hair With a Beard

If you wear your hair long enough you can go for this “rugged” look. Although not ideal for every occasion, it portrays a Viking-God-meets-rockstar image that looks virile and appealing. The idea is to comb your hair and groom your beard just enough for it to look mildly scruffy and a little tidy. 

Moreover, just add some small braids here and there and you’ll achieve the ultimate Viking vibe. When you pull out that seriously-dangerous look, you will look something like this image: quintessential Viking love appeal.

#2 Scruffy Beard, Long hair

Scruffy Beard, Long hair

What if instead of scruffy, curly hair you have long luscious hair?

You could perhaps keep it falling like a golden waterfall and add some scruffiness with the beard.

To pull this look off, you need to have truly long hair below the line of your shoulders. If you are lucky enough to have a ginger beard, you’ll complete the ultimate kind-but-tough Viking image. 

Be appealing and interesting sipping a latte at your closest coffee shop and let the magic come to you.

#3 Rugged Beard And A Ponytail

Rugged Beard And A Ponytail

Having long hair and not tying it up in any manner can be annoying at times.

If I wear mine loose it can go into my food, get stuck in my car’s door, and let’s not even start with working out or windy days.

What I do is simply create different styles with it. One of my favorites is this half ponytail – half lose that’s ideal to keep the Viking-God vibe while being infinitely more comfortable. 

Being comfy and feeling great about your looks is my definition of success. Isn’t it yours too?

#4 Topknot And A Full Beard

Topknot And A Full Beard

The previous hairstyle is comfy yet trendy with lots of loose hair and a nice, full beard. When I want to feel even more comfortable, or whenever I hit the gym, I go for this idea in which no hair falls down on my eyes or gets tangled up with anything at all.

You can just simply tie a knot on top of your head and keep your beard full and pointing down. 

The fuller the beard, the better you’ll look on this style. Comfortable, trendy, modern, and with Viking heritage; it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

#5 The Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid Viking Hairstyle

Not everything in the life of a man with long hair is as easy as tying a knot on top of your head laissez-faire style. This great, tidy, virile, and Viking-approved type of braids aren’t easy to pull off but will make you look unique and bold, no doubts about it. 

You can convince your best friend or your girlfriend to watch this video with you and then hit the streets like a true Viking. The best thing about it? You can leave it on for a couple of days; you’ll look amazing the entire weekend!

#6 The French Braid Viking Hairstyle

The French Braid

The French braid is a much easier style to pull off. You can start it from the top of your hair like Björn Ironside and shave the sides of your head to nothing. The French braid can then continue for as long as your hair allows it.

Here you have a cool video about how to do it either to yourself or with the help of somebody else. 

If you are not willing to shave any parts of your head, you can pull it off anyway as long as you can keep that menacing gaze.

#7 Intricate Braided Designs

Intricate Braided Designs

Do you know what is better than having one braid in your hair?

You guessed it; multiple braids! You can go ballistic on them and have several different thicknesses and lengths.

It will take some time to put it together, but there’s no denying that your looks will be one of a kind and will make head turns anywhere you go. 

One little tip to look like this awesome photo: let someone else do it for you and let your beard be a little scruffier than usual.

#8 Viking Braided Beard

Viking Braided Beard

True Viking looks include a full beard. Indeed, the fuller, the better.

Can the beard become a little annoying when it’s too long?

The answer to that question is definitely yes. So, what to do to embrace that inner Viking God in you while avoiding getting your beard inside your food? You go Viking style and fix it with a braid. 

For a full-on Viking vibe, you can do braids to the hair and the beard; comfort meets killer looks!

#9 The Viking Bun (With An Undercut)

The Viking Bun (With An Undercut)

Having a man bun is growing increasingly trendy. Many men decided to let their hair grow during pandemic times to overcome that huge obstacle that is having a savage, untamable in-between hair cut until you reach the man-bun oasis. 

If you sport a big, round beard, the undercut is a distinctive Viking touch and, together with the bun, they create the ultimate Viking look. The final ingredients are your trademark glance and some natural charm, the rest is Viking history.

#10 The Viking Ponytail

The Viking Ponytail Hairstyle

The Viking ponytail can be pulled off in many ways. For example, you can simply let your hair grow until your shoulders and then fix it in a ponytail.

As an insider tip, a ponytail is a great way of coping with that in-between haircuts moment that your hair is shapeless and annoying. 

I used to have my ponytail on most days while trying to grow my hair Viking-style. You can rock this look with shaved sides too and be more defiant or leave it natural and be more approachable. It all depends on your strategy.

#11 A Mohawk and a Beard

A Mohawk and a Beard

Bold men need bold haircuts. If you want to step up from the pack, you can rock this Viking masterpiece. Beware, though, because you will be letting the world know about the warrior inside. 

If you can scruff up the beard and tidy up the hair, you will step even further into rockstar territory. Are you ready to be the target of most looks?

#12 The Beard & a Viking Crew Cut

The Beard & a Viking Crew Cut

This is a great previous step from the Mohawk and the beard if you’re not feeling ready to set the inner warrior free. You will look less bold but just as cool.

By adding that crew cut on top you can be a Viking warrior attending a quarterly meeting, for example.

Rock this hairstyle and, when you feel ready, turn it into a Mohawk.

#13 Undercut With A Short High Top Viking Hairstyle

Undercut With A Short High Top

Speaking of Viking hairstyles, one might be tempted to think only of the warrior, rockstar, scruffy look.

What if we could turn it into an in-between the bold Mohawk and the etiquette-ready crew cut?

That’s exactly where this style comes in. 

How to rock it? just let the top part of your hair grow and be tidy with the bottom part. You’ll look rocking enough for a Saturday night out and tidy enough to ask for that raise. Are you ready?

#14 Slicked Back & Undercut

Slicked Back & Undercut Viking Hairstyle

What happens when that top part grows a little longer?

Well, the natural transition hairstyle is the slicked back with an undercut. You can use hair gel to keep it tidy and classy and let the beard be that scruffy touch. 

If you often wear suits, just add some sunglasses to your favorite 3-piece, and there’s no doubt you’ll be the trendiest in the pack. Just let the Viking warrior out while you add some style to the mix.

#15 Baldhead & A Beard

Baldhead & A Viking Beard

If we speak about Viking hairstyles for men, we can’t omit the tested-and-true bald head with the beard.

If you can’t grow your hair long but can grow a big beard, you can rock this style and be the center of all looks with minimal effort. 

The only trick is to keep your bald head like that every day and grow your beard as long as possible. Again, that three-piece suit will look sharper than ever.

#16 Low Fade And A Hair Wave

Low Fade And A Hair Wave

Is there a hairstyle to slowly transition into Viking territory?

Well, this might be the best way to take that first step before committing fully to it.

The crucial element in this hairstyle is not the beard, but the in-crescendo your hair needs to follow from short and tidy around the ears to full-blown on the top.

Always remember to wear it on one side and let people see that undercut. You’re half Viking already.

#17 Shaved Head With A Beard And A Braid

Shaved Head With A Beard And A Braid Viking Hairstyle

Are you ready to break all conventions and be the coolest guy in every place you go?

This is an extreme Viking hairstyle that is only for those who dare to be different.

Is that the way you roll? Then this unique look is for you.

Inside Tip: add ornaments to the braided part to make it look (even) cooler.

#18 Dreads and A Beard

Dreads and A Beard

Speaking of extreme hairstyles that are 100% Viking approved, we need to refer to dreads.

They never go out of fashion and, when done right, can be kept for years long and tidy. Match them with a professionally-trimmed long beard and you’ll be as cool as it gets. 

If you ever get bored you can rock the bald head and a beard look in a heartbeat!

#19 The Forward Sweep

The Forward Sweep

This is, perhaps, the most comfortable and easy to wear Viking style from the list.

Although it doesn’t look quite as cool as a shaved head with a single braid, it does ignite the Viking God element in your style.

You can either add a big beard or a shaved, soft face to it, and it will always look great.

#20 Natural Thor Hairstyle

If there is a quintessential Viking look, that is Christopher Hemsworth, AKA, Thor, the God of Thunder.

This is a more relaxed, casual look that only involves a nicely-cut beard and long loose hair combed back with no gel (or much effort). 

Mix it with a shirt, a tie, and a jacket, and you’ll be the trendiest man in the quarterly meeting for sure.

#21 Undercut With Long Bangs

Undercut With Long Bangs

Before I was able to do my ponytail trick and while my hair was growing I used to roll with long bangs to one side and my undercut showing pride on the other.

This style works especially great for those who can grow a big beard and have straight hair. 

Let those long bangs fall gracefully and when you can do it, wrap it up in a ponytail. The Viking spirit lives in both hairstyles.

#22 The “Double Braid & Double Bun” Viking Mohawk Hairstyle

The "Double Braid & Double Bun" Viking Mohawk Hairstyle

Once my hair was long enough for some serious experimentation, I could pull off some more intricate looks.

This is one of them, in which everything repeats (except for the Mohawk, of course). It takes a while to put together but once you do, your style will scream who you are louder than words. 

The only thing you need is to be ready to be the center of attention.

#23 The Viking Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The Viking Faux Hawk Hairstyle

This style is another beginner-friendly one.

If you want to dip your toes into Viking water without compromising your style too much just create a faux Mohawk with the top part of your hair. While at it, keep your beard growing and trim the sides and the back neatly.

Before you know it, you’ll be rocking that Viking vibe, Ragnar style.

#24 The Viking Mohawk With Braided Sides

The Viking Mohawk With Braided Sides

Although not for everyone, if you want to mix modern, classic, bold, and Viking, this is the perfect hairstyle.

On top, you can keep your Mohawk loud and proud while you braid both sides and let the back of your hair flow at ease.

The final touch is some hair spray to keep it up and flashy and you are good to go; ready to make an impression.

#25 Decals And A Mohawk

Decals And A Mohawk Viking Hairstyle

If you are not ready for those cool head tattoos (don’t worry, neither am I), you can ask your friend the barber for some cool decals.

This is a hairstyle that works great for pictures, especially in weird locations. For example, if you are taking a weekend trip with friends, and want to look awesome in pictures, those decals will really make a difference. 

Don’t worry, your hair will grow and there will be no trace of them.

#26 The Low Viking Ponytail Hairstyle

The Low Viking Ponytail Hairstyle

The best way to get started in the Viking hairstyle world if you have long hair is to wear this low ponytail.

Just let your beard (or a goatee mustache) grow, and you’ll give it a little extra Viking touch to the look.

Furthermore, you’ll feel extra comfortable wearing it anywhere; it’s the perfect first step.

#27 The Dreadlock Mohawk

The Dreadlock Mohawk

What is cooler than having dreads? Having dreads in a Mohawk!

If your hair is long enough to make thick dreads, you can shave the rest of your head and turn those dreads into a long Mohawk that falls gracefully in the back.

Yes, people will look at you differently and this bold, aggressive Viking look will draw a lot of attention.

Are you ready for it?

If it becomes too much, you are one shave away from the bald & beard Viking style.

#28 The Casual Kristofer

In case you don’t know what Kristofer I am talking about. He is Kristofer Hivju, the Norwegian actor playing Tormund Glantsbane in Game of Thrones.

His style is as casual as tidy and defiant. It takes on a similar path as the Thor look, but wearing his hair much shorter and a much fuller, long, tidy beard. 

Add some cool retro glasses and a shirt, and glances will fight for you. If you’re a ginger, you might end up signing autographs! 

#29 Flowing Locks With A Pointy Beard

Flowing Locks With A Pointy Beard

If you’re like me and have natural locks to be proud of, let them loose. This can be a great Viking move.

Keep your hair healthy and let the natural locks take care of the rest. The flow they generate will give your style enough dynamics and charm to catch all eyes.

The beard going with it can be pointy, scruffy, or huge. Just make sure you wear one that would make King Harald proud.

#30 Viking Cornrows & Undercut

Viking Cornrows & Undercut

For those who wear short hair and want to get into the Viking vibe, cornrows can be a great option.

Furthermore, based on the characters in the series, you don’t even need to grow a huge beard to go with it. Once it is long enough, you can let it loose, tie it into a bun or go for dreads if you like.

You can check this cool video about how to make them have an idea. You can go DIY on it or watch it with your future helper!

Best Viking Hairstyles For Men FAQs

I know, you have a million questions about Viking hairstyle that no other site can answer.

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place, I have your back. Here you go the FAQs you were looking for.

1. Why did Vikings wear long hair?

Vikings used to live in Nordic territories between centuries VIII to XI. As you might already know, the climate that up north is not exactly warm. What could be a better natural solution for that than long hair? 
Also, long hair, especially with locks, is associated with strength and power. This comes from the animal world in which alpha males look bold, intimidating, and huge. 

2. Are Viking braided hairstyles historically accurate?

Those of us who have watched the Vikings series a lot lately fell in love with the boldness and the aggressive style characters portray. Unfortunately, there is not much information about hairstyles back then. It is a fact that women wore braided hair, which could mean they shared this with men. 
Plus, being a warrior fighting with an ax while having a screen of hair in front of your eyes, is not such a great idea. Historically correct or not, there’s no denying that they look awesome and so will you.

3. Hipster vs. Viking – What's the difference?

Both styles rely greatly on undercuts, big beards, and long hair. So, what’s the difference between them?

The answer is very easy: While hipsters are going for that cool/nerd approach, Vikings for the cool/bold, or even aggressive. There is an edge of scruffiness needed to pull off the Viking look that is absent from the hipster look.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy these best 30 Viking hairstyles for men?

I went through many odd, awkward looks while trying to achieve my best Viking version but today I feel comfortable enough to take my looks anywhere. 

Try the ones that appeal to you the most and don’t be afraid to experiment; unleashing the inner warrior is all about being fearless.

Are you ready to change the way people look at you? Set the Viking God living inside you free and enjoy a new kind of freedom and self-love.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments the ones you liked the most (picture included).

Also, feel free to share this post with friends; going into Viking territory with them is much better than going solo.

Happy Viking transformation!

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