What Are The Best Beard Scissors for Men (2023)?

Differentiating a properly groomed beard from one that’s not is pretty simple. Unless you want the ungroomed look, you’ll need to trim your beard every once in a while.

To do this, you’ll also have to obtain the right tools. One such tool is a pair of beard scissors. If you don’t have one in your grooming kit, it’s time to add it to your buying list.

Beard scissors help you to trim beards and mustaches to the desired level. But you can’t just settle for any product.

Here is a review of the best beard scissors the current market has to offer. I’ve also included a buying guide to assist you in picking the right scissors. You’re welcome!

5 Best Beard Scissors For Men – Reviews and Our Top Picks (2023)

1. Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series

Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series

The good reputation of Equinox International speaks for itself, and customers love some, if not all, of their products.

One such product that caught my attention is their Professional Edge Series. Let not the simple metallic look of this scissor deceive you. It has a lot to offer.

The manufacturing process of this scissor is quite a process. Stainless steel materials are first obtained from Japan then imported to China for processing. Equinox International manufacturers are prodigies. With almost two decades in the industry, they know their way around scissors.

The result is a simple-looking, ergonomic, versatile, and highly effective product. Safety is a top concern with the company. And that’s why this scissor is ideal for use with men, women, the elderly, and even kids.

Moreover, its ergonomic design makes it compatible for use in barbershops, salons, and personal use. Cutting through items with a scissor has never been easier.

This scissor comes with an easy-to-handle grip design that allows it to cradle the fingers properly.

In addition, its stainless steel texture ensures that no hair gets caught in between the blades. Precision has never been better than with this scissor.

Are there any downsides to this scissor?

I’d love to say that it’s perfect but unfortunately not. Even so, I had to look really hard to try and find just one wrong thing with it. There’s, however, one aspect that I feel the manufacturers could’ve done better.

This is in regards to the finger holes. They’re really small and only suited for petite people. Those with large hands will find it somehow difficult to handle the product.

Aside from this, nothing more is there to complain.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to handle
  • Very sharp and precise


  • Small finger holes

2. Utopia Care Curved and Rounded Facial Hair Scissors for Men

Utopia Care Curved and Rounded Facial Hair Scissors for Men

Utopia Care Facial Hair Scissor for Men is one of the best-selling scissors in the market. And there are good reasons for it.

But the biggest and highly noticeable one is its highly affordable price. You’ll be all smiley when you press the buy button.

I love this scissor for its high accuracy levels, which will allow you to even trim your nose and ear hairs effortlessly. It has sharp edges with curved and rounded tips, which will assist in this quest.

The tips also prevent common accidental nicks and cuts. This isn’t a popular feature with most scissors.

This scissor uses surgical grade stainless steel in its construction. You can rest assured that it won’t stain or rust and that it will last you longer than the ordinary steel.

The ergonomic design of this scissor’s grip and handle makes it comfortable. Combining it with its lightness makes it very easy to handle. But before you get too excited, the finger holes created for the scissors are a little small for men with large hands.

For care and maintenance of this scissor, wipe it with a clean, dry cloth after each use and store it in a closed position. It will last you longer than you expected.


  • Ergonomic design that is easy and comfortable to handle
  • High accuracy levels
  • Can trim the ear and nose hair
  • Highly durable


  • Small finger holes for men with large hands

3. ONTAKI German Moustache Scissor

ONTAKI German Moustache Scissor

There are many things to love about the Germans; their machines, language, soccer game, and now beard scissors. The ONTAKI German Moustache Scissor is one of the scissors to love.

This product features exceptionally good quality and hand-made German steel construction, which is known for its durability and robustness.

There might be a long list of wrong things with this scissor, but the quality isn’t one of them.

Other incredible features with this scissor include its extremely sharp blades and adjustable tension screw. The sharp blades allow for highly precise cuts, while the adjustable screw ensures that you get the correct hold.

This scissor is ideal for men whose beard length is 4.5 inches or longer. Also, it comes with a small comb for shaping the mustache and an attractive leather case for its storage. The case is travel-friendly and allows you to keep your stuff organized.

This scissor is a great option for seasoned users, especially those looking to use it while moving. Its compact design and leather case make it ideal for traveling. Its performance is also applaudable.


  • Features its comb and leather casing
  • Multi-functional
  • Made using high quality, durable German steel


  • Its comb is not of the best quality.

4. Suvorna 5″ Men’s Beard & Mustache Scissor

Suvorna 5" Men's Beard & Mustache Scissor

Suvorna is a brand with a unique name, a list of loyal fans, and a line of incredibly performing products.

An example of such a product is its Men’s Beard and Moustache Scissors. This is a highly precise pair of scissors that majors in getting rid of unruly and stray hair.

Taking a closer look at this scissor, here’s what you’re settling for with it.

One, it features extremely sharp Japanese stainless steel blades that are fitted tightly. Secondly, the pair is highly durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. It also has a 60-day free return policy. You’re allowed to exchange or return it within this period if you don’t like it (which I highly doubt).

Thirdly, the finger holes of this scissor are large enough to even fit men with large hands. Suvorna knows all about your struggles and has you covered. Next, the scissor has an adjustment screw to allow you to fine-tune adjustments to your liking.

This scissor also has a comb and a storage pouch as accessories. The pouch is compact enough for travel purposes.

Lastly, this scissor is suited for men with coarse, thick hair. If nothing seems to cut through your beard properly, try the Suvorna 5″ Men’s Beard & Mustache Scissor.

You’ll love it!


  • Extremely sharp blades
  • Easily adjustable screw
  • Large finger holes for men with large hands


  • Not compatible for left-handed men

5. Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissor

Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissor

There are plenty of things to love about this scissor. I noted some reviewers complaining about its bluntness. That’s true! Nevertheless, the pair is incredible and offers good value for your money. How?

For starters, this pair is designed using 100% stainless steel. This makes it exceptionally long-lasting and easy to maintain. Secondly, the scissor has a fine adjustment tension screw for versatility and easy control.

You’ll also notice that it is nice and lightweight, making it easy to use. It’s a pleasure to hold and easy to maneuver with it. A reason for this is that its handles are non-slip and feature loop adjusters. You can acquire the grip you want.

This gives it good control and balance – two important aspects when you’re sticking something sharp and dangerous at your beards.

If you’re looking for a scissor to make a quick trim before your full shave or simply a little tidy up once in a few days, here is your product.

This scissor measures 6.5 inches long, which is a bit longer than most of the products on this list.

But this is a great thing because it makes it more professional. Lastly, the Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissor is ideal for use by both left and right-handed men.


  • Ideal for both left and right-handed men
  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not very sharp

How to Choose The Best Beard Scissors For Men?

There are 5 things to consider when choosing the best beard scissor for men:

1. Material

The best quality beard scissors are made using two types of steel – German and Japanese stainless steel. Both are great options, and the choice to go for depends on your needs.

Japanese Steel

Japanese steels are strong, firm, and hold sharp edges for very long periods. To acquire the cutting edge for styling, you’ll need an extremely sharp blade that is also easy to use. Japanese blades fit the job description perfectly.

These blades aren’t serrated. Serrated blades restrict movements in the sliding method. These blades also allow less chopping motions.

The Japanese steel is constructed suing various alloys and components used to create flexibility in the shears.

A con with the Japanese steel is that it becomes dull fast, and you’ll be forced to sharpen it from time to time.

German Steel

German steels are brittle thanks to the components used in their construction. They aren’t as flexible as the Japanese steel but are extremely solid. Their solid structure, unfortunately, adds to their weight, which also limits their ergonomics.

The good thing with these blades is that they have fine edges, making them excellent for cutting. They are better at chopping motions rather than slicing the hair clean.

You can’t go wrong with purchasing either of these two blades. However, the minor differences between the two will influence your purchasing decision.

2. Left or Right?

Right-handers always have the privilege of many things, but we can’t simple dispute the minor left-handed group. While most beard scissors are designed for right-handed men, there are those for lefties.

What happens is that brands design models for both left-handers and right-handers. When making a purchase, you choose which of the two to pick.

3. Grip

Your scissors’ grip handles play lots of roles, the main being keeping your hands steady as you trim. The grip also determines the comfort and accuracy levels of the cuts you make.

For a better grip, go for beard scissors with large finger holes, especially if you have large hands. You can comfortably insert your fingers in them without getting compressed or slipping. Silicone finger holes are at the top of comfort levels.

4. Tension Screw

The tension screws allow you to change the tension of your shears. All high-quality beard scissors feature tension screws. This is the knob that holds together the two blades. Tightening the screws brings the blades together and vice versa.

Adjusting the tension screw increases the comfort level of cutting facial hair.

5. Scissor Length

Professional hairdressers and barbers generally use scissors measuring between 5.5 and 7 inches. For the rest of us, using a 7-inch scissor will be impractical. A range of 5 to 5.5 inches for your beard scissors should therefore be okay.

You can settle for a lower 4-inch if you are looking for portability and travel-friendly scissors.

Maintenance of Beard Scissors

Take care of your scissors, and it’ll take care of you – that’s the policy. Proper maintenance of the scissors ensures the longevity of the shears.

How do you maintain your scissors? Let’s find out.


Rule number one: always clean your scissors after use. Sticky liquids can damage your blades easily. When done for the day, rinse off the blade and dry with a clean towel.


The smoother the scissor’s edges, the easier they are to sharpen. Avoid sharpening scissors with serrated edges. This will make the blades dull.

Three tools are used to sharpen scissors: aluminum foil, knife sharpener, and a whetstone.


It’s highly advisable to keep your scissors dry at all times. Harsh chemicals can damage stainless steel. Dry the scissors after use and store then in a sealed bag.

Here are other precautionary measures to take with your scissors:

  • Use the scissors to only cut hair and not any other material. This helps to keep the blades sharp.
  • Clean your scissors using a brush.
  • Wash your hair before trimming or cutting it.
  • Always handle the scissors by its handle to prevent blade damage when you sweat.

Here is a video illustrating how to trim your mustache (source)


Beard scissors remain to be one of the most underrated, underappreciated grooming tools. Even with trimmers’ arrival, they still remain useful in a man’s everyday life.

It’s evident that scissors are delicate tools from my review, so proper caution should be taken when handling them. Always handle your shear with the handles and not blades. After use, store them in sealed bags to avoid accidents. Don’t forget to oil your scissors once in a while to avoid rusting.

Which is the best beard scissor from our list?

Pretty simple – the Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series scoops the award for the best overall product. Even though its handles are a little bit smaller, the scissor is easy to use and sharp. Your trimming can’t get any better.

What are your favorite beard scissors? Let me know in the comment section.

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