7 Shaving Tips Your Dad Should Have Taught You

Fathers are known to share a lot of knowledge with their children, especially with their sons. However, they sometimes fail to share information about shaving tips.

Most young people watch their fathers shave but still get stuck when their time comes.

At that time, most of their fathers are not around to share their knowledge. Sometimes they pretend to know everything and refuse to be advised.

Some fathers may also have a disappointing technique. This causes them to be reluctant in passing it on.

It is very sad to see a youngster shaving poorly all the way to his old age. This subject remains untouched even when you are lucky to have a father around. Most fathers will just hand you a razor and a cream. The rest is up to you.

Shaving is a very fundamental thing for a gentleman. You, therefore, need to learn the right way of doing it.

Remember, you can never go wrong with a clean shave in this professional world.

Here are 7 shaving tips that you need to know about

#1 Soften Your Beard

Soften Your Beard

You need to prepare your beard for shaving. Try to soak your facial hair with warm water prior to shaving.

Pro tips: Recommend to take a shower before shaving. Warm water causes hair to expand significantly in volume when left for at least 2 minutes. This makes it softer and easier to shave. As a result, less force will be required to cut the follicles.

#2 Lubricate Your Face

lubricate your face

Use a moisturizing shave cream to lubricate your face. This allows you to run the blade across smoothly. It also shows you the paths that are already shaved.

A shave cream prevents the applied water from evaporating. The cream is applied by massaging it through your facial hair.

This allows the follicles to stand upright for the blade to get to the base. Clean the cream with cool water to calm the skin.

You can also use a pre-shave oil for a cleaner, quicker, and safe shave. It is affordable and guarantees a clean shave.

Another option is to acquire a shaving brush and a shaving soap. Make sure you nourish and protect your skin by applying a hydrating lotion.

#3 Don’t Go Against the Grain

Don’t Go Against the Grain

Identify the direction in which your hair grows. Avoid shaving against it, instead, shave across.

Most people think going against the direction of growth provides a better shaving angle.

The repercussions are razor burns and ingrown hairs. The latter is usually painful and uncomfortable as the follicles try to push through the skin.

A close shave is performed better across the grain. Shave the sideburns first followed by the cheek and lastly, the neck.

This technique will leave your skin smooth every time you perform a clean shave. Run your fingers across the shaved area for two to three days. This should give a clue on how your hair grows.

#4 Pull Your Skin Tight

Pull Your Skin Tight

Pulling your skin allows you to perform a perfectly close shave. This technique involves pulling the skin tight against the shaving direction.

This allows the bristles to stand upright to be caught by the razor. There will be no patches of scruff left on your face.

It also helps in smoothing out any scars, spots, or imperfections.

Generally, pulling your skin tight will prevent you from cutting your face. Tighten up your shave and get to every part. You will come out clean, smooth, and uninjured.

#5 Choose the Right Razor

Choose the Right Razor

A successful shave is highly dependent on the type of razor used. Make sure to check the suitability of the razor as relates to the size of your face. Smaller faces are shaved better with 3-blade razors.

On the other hand, larger faces are shaved better with 5-blade razors. Avoid shaving with a blunt razor.

Sometimes you may be economically challenged and opt to continue using an old razor. You may also be someone who shaves infrequently.

Note that, the blade starts to wear out immediately after you perform the first shave. The cutting edge becomes dull with time.

Make sure you change the blade more often. You can also opt to buy a double edge razor.

Traditional razors are the best option for infrequent shavers. They are long-lasting and more affordable.

#6 Take Your Time

Take Your Time

People who enter adulthood have a very challenging life. This is the first time when you find yourself in a world of responsibilities.

There is a tendency of hurrying up to accomplish your daily tasks, including shaving. Your face remains important no matter how much life becomes challenging.

If you shave in a hurry, you may miss a few spots. You might also cut yourself.

This will require you to stop the bleeding. You will end up spending more time in the bathroom. Long and fast stokes will also clog your razor. You will end up taking breaks to clean your blade.

Go slow and apply shorter strokes. This will allows you to perform a clean shave while saving a lot of time.

#7 Don’t Over-shave

Don’t Overshave

Shaving doesn’t guarantee a baby’s bottom smooth. Just appreciate a clean face.

The far you can shave is to the level of your skin. You will always feel a slight rasp when you run your fingers across.

This is true especially in the direction of growth. There is always a temptation of making more strokes especially if you have a pale complexion.

The bristles that cause the darkening of the skin are meant to be there. These will never disappear no matter how many times you run the blade across. Over shaving leads to ingrown hairs, razor burns, and irritation. Try to lower your expectations.

Don’t be tricked by movies and commercials.

Also, avoid shaving too often after suffering an irritation. Adjust your schedule by shaving after 36 hours instead of 24 hours.

Take a break from shaving at least once in a week if you have a heavy growth. There is no need to blame your old man anymore. You will never go wrong if you master these techniques.

Try them out and experience a good look and a happy feeling. Remember to pass this information to your son.

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