6 Tips for Keeping White Sneakers Clean

White sneakers are phenomenal; attractive, attention-seeking, and classy. The first time you get to unbox them, the feeling is breathtaking.  

And you immediately get the urge to step out in them. White sneaks go well with almost every casual wear. What’s more to that is, everybody looks good in them! 

The real task, however, lies in maintaining their brand new look. A little stain on white sneakers is easily spotted. 

This becomes a huge turn-off for many – something that limits a lot of people from purchasing them. But as much as they require special attention, the nut isn’t hard to crack. 

All you need are a few tips, getting your facts right and you’re good to go. This is what this article is all about.

Here are six tips for keeping white sneakers clean:

1. Use a Shoe Protector

Use a Shoe Protector

The same way you buy a screen protector for your brand new phone, a shoe protector is also mandatory for your pair of sneakers. 

Once you land your new pair of kicks, the first thing should be to apply the protector. Sure thing, you can try them out for a few laps, but ensure you apply the protector later. A protector forms a protective layer against dirt stains and water. 

But don’t just apply any protector. Be cautious with the type of shoe protector that you use on your sneakers. 

Depending on the shoe’s material, the wrong type of protector can completely ruin your white sneakers. For suede and leather white sneakers, use cream or oil protectors. For canvas shoes, use a spray shoe protector.

2. Use a Detergent and Warm Water

Use a Detergent and Warm Water

In truth, this is the most traditional and basic method of cleaning almost all types of shoes. White sneakers are not an exception too.  

You can scrub with a soft-bristled cleaning brush for maximum results. A toothbrush can also do the job really well. 

It’s however better off if you hand wash them rather than tossing them in a washing machine. A washing machine is a quick death sentence for your sneakers.

You can spice up things a little bit and incorporate the help of vinegar and bleach. However, use mild bleaching agents that won’t leave ugly yellow marks on your sneakers. After using bleach, rinse thoroughly with warm water to get rid of all of it.

3. Applying Whitener, Eraser, or Shampoo for Tough Stains

Applying Whitener, Eraser, or Shampoo for Tough Stains

There are of course some tough stains that are not easily cleaned out by the other methods. That should not be a reason to get rid of your white sneakers. 

Applying a whitener is a perfect solution for such a case. Although, it is more advisable to use a white shoe-polish for suede or leather material sneakers.

Tough stains like those from oil or bleaching agents can be covered up and your shoe stays white and sparkly. 

However, before it comes to that, try using shampoo especially for oil and grease stain. Make a solution of shampoo and warm water and use the spot cleaning method to get rid of it.

A white eraser is another perfect alternative to get rid of tough stains. However, for white sneakers it is advisable you use specifically a white eraser. A colored eraser may leave stain marks behind.

4. Dust off Before Wet cleaning and Clean the Laces

There are two types of dirt: Loose dirt and fixed dirt. 

The dirt particles lying on your shoe is loose dirt. But once it gets into contact with water it becomes fixed dirt which is a little bit harder to clean. 

Save yourself the hassle of thorough cleaning by getting rid of the loose dirt first. Simply dust off the shoe with a soft brush first.

Another fact to keep in mind is the shoelaces. Of course, the color of the laces should be equally as white as those of the sneakers. 

Clean them thoroughly or even replace them with new ones if possible. Stained or dirty laces create the impression that your sneakers are dirty.

5. Use a Toothbrush and a Toothpaste

Use a Toothbrush and a Toothpaste

We brush our teeth with toothpaste to keep them white and clean. The same principle also applies to white sneakers. Using toothpaste and toothbrush on your sneakers can do them a whole lot of good. 

Gently scrub the toothpaste with your toothbrush on the toe caps and midsoles. Finally, wipe off the toothpaste with a wet piece of cloth.

6. Carry Shoe Wipes with You

Carry Shoe Wipes with You

White sneakers are prone to visible stains and dirt. As such, on the day you plan to step out in them, it’s better if you carry a pack of shoe wipes. In fact, you may improvise and use the normal wet wipes which will still serve the same purpose.

The best thing about this idea is, you clean any dirt on the spot. That saves you from going through wholesome laundry processes later on. In fact, wet wipes help get rid of loose dirt which if neglected can turn into fixed dirt. 

I know carrying around wipes for your shoe can sell you out as a clean freak to other people, but it’s totally worth it.

Final Thoughts

Behind every prestigious footwear brand, lies a signature pair of white sneakers. Look at models like the Adidas Men’s Grand Court Sneakers, and Converse Chuck Taylor. Nothing screams confidence and style like these pairs. But it’s all fun and games until the sneakers get dirty.

Cleaning your dirty white sneakers should be a matter of minutes. Spare a few minutes in the morning, acquire all the needed items and get to work. There are different methods of cleaning (given above) and you’re free to use any of them.

If using toothpaste doesn’t impress you, then try shoe wipes. Choose the method most suited for you and get the job done. And when your sneakers can’t seem to get clean enough, maybe it’s time to get a new pair.

Which method are you using to clean your dirty sneakers?

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