11 Cool Beard Styles For Men – A MenGlowUp-Sized Guide of 2021

The trendy and cool Beard styles are often introduced by the hipsters, worn by actors, adopted by fashion designers. It is everywhere and now appeals to men as well as women.

Between the assertion of virility and expression of personality, it is carried out in several styles, short or long, wild or totally controlled.

If the 3-day beard is the style we know the most, it remains the most classic.

In the previous article, I showed you how to choose the beard styles that fit your face shapes.

Today, we will discuss our 11 cool beard styles 2021, then give you some tips on how to trim them, recommended trimmers, and what you need to pull them off.

11 Cool Beard Styles For Men in 2021

#1 3-Day Beard

3-days Beard
3-day beard

Very popular lately, the 3-day beard is by far the coolest beard style. This is probably because this beard style is quite easy to obtain.

… and moreover, two methods tend to compete: some men play the card of the natural shoot (after a few days, they shave the beard completely to let it grow back), while others opt for the 3-day “frozen” beard (that is, a mower at the right height to shorten suddenly when the beard is over the point of doing beard for 5 or 6 days).

How to trim your 3-day beard properly?

No matter which method is chosen, as the 3-day beard is a rather fleeting beard, it requires regular maintenance.

So do not think that it is enough to let your beard grow so that it is clean and elegant.

To avoid appearing neglected, and keep looking good, it is especially important to control your contours:

  • All the hair that grows under Adam’s apple must be shaved.
  • All the hairs which, in the neck, protrude from the straight line must also be shaved.
  • The beard must be content with occupying the lower third of the face: when the hair begins to rise too much on the cheek, they must be stopped at the level of the cheekbones.

Tip: For men who like to keep a 3-day beard, the mower adjusts to a cutting height of 0.12 / 0.16 in (3 / 4mm). This is the length that is considered perfect for this beard style.

Recommended grooming Tools for this beard:

#2 Short Beard or 10-Day Beard

Short beard
Short Beard

Since people know that it is one of the cool beard styles for men, for the manly look, mature and protective it gives men, the short beard also called the 10-day beard, is increasingly adopted.

More uniform than the 3-day beard style, it allows us to appear less neglected: we notice immediately that it is a beard that is wanted and that didn’t just appear because we ran out of time to shave.

If aesthetically it is pleasant enough, it is because it allows giving the face a certain visual symmetry, counterbalancing quite intelligently the hair area and the beard area.

How to trim your 10-day beard properly?

Just like the 3-day beard, the 10-day beard must be maintained in key positions to be beautiful to wear:

  • Under Adam’s apple, all the hairs must be shaved.
  • In the neck, all the hairs that go beyond the straight line must also be shaved.
  • On the face, the beard should occupy only the lower third: if the hairs grow too high on the cheek, they must be stopped at the cheekbones.

Tip: To keep a neat look, do not hesitate to cut with a pair of scissors all the hair that sticks out of the beard or those that do not grow in the right direction.

As for mower maintenance, which is necessary from time to time (not to pass on a full beard), the ideal cutting height is between 0.24 in and 0.4 in (6 and 10mm).

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

#3 Full Beard

Full Beard
Full Beard

While it has long been considered an old beard style, the full beard is a cool beard style that has just been updated by the hipster community, which has reappropriated while modernizing.

Now rather trendy, it is perfect for men wanting to combine fashion and contemporary haircuts. Among the so-called “classic” beards, it is the one that takes the longest to be obtained: for a truly perfect complete beard, it may take several months.

How to trim your full beard style properly?

If it takes time to grow, the full beard has the advantage of not asking too much maintenance. It only requires one rule to respect: once again, the line of the cheek must be drawn, so that the beard is elegant to wear, whatever the occasion.

  • To define the lower third of the face where the beard is to be stopped, it is enough not to exceed on the cheek an imaginary line starting from the end of the hairline and going up to the upper corner of the mustache.
  • This line can be straight or slightly curved, to follow the roundness of the face for example.

Tip: If there is freedom for the rest of the beard and it is quite possible to let it grow in peace, the more the weeks go by the more it becomes necessary to define lines in the neck and to cut his mustache.

To wear a truly perfect full beard, do not hesitate to seek the advice and experience of a barber.

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

#4 Goatsbeard

There is usually a tendency to mix goatee and goatee.

The goat is actually a cool beard style that completely surrounds the mouth, and is a mix between a mustache and a goatee.

If this style has passed through the decades, it is probably because it concerns areas of the face where the hair grows relatively easily… and this from adolescence.

And yes, some men (even adults) do not succeed to grow a full beard, especially on the cheeks, and it is not a shame. The goat can easily keep a part of facial hair.

How to trim your goat beard style properly?

If the goat doesn’t get stuck, it is also appreciated by men who don’t want to become a prisoner of the maintenance of their beard. It is indeed rather simple to maintain:

  • As long as it continues to form rounded around the mouth, everything is fine.
  • For the rest of the face, it is a classic close shave that is recommended.

Tip: To keep a modern goat beard style, you must be careful not to get too excited about the mustache. From time to time, in addition to thinking of mastering the length of the goat, you must remember to cut the hairs of the mustache before they completely cover the upper lip.

The overall appearance is more elegant, and above all, it is less unpleasant for the one you kiss.

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

#5 The Goatee Style

Goatee Beard
Goatee Cool Beard Style

The goatee is what is commonly called a goat. It’s a small beard that is just at the chin, whether on the chin itself or below. If it is sometimes accompanied by the fly (also called the stamp, this place just under the lower lip where a few beard hairs grow), it can also be carried without.

The rest of the face is shaved, even the mustache. Moreover, when the goatee is short, it is called a goatee.

How to trim your goatee beard style properly?

To carve a perfect goatee, certain aesthetic rules must be respected. The most important is that the goatee, to remain presentable, must never be wider than the mouth.

  • On the chin, all the hair that grows under the lower lip should be kept.
  • The outer edges should be as straight as possible, to mark a clear separation between the goatee and the rest of the face completely shaved.
  • It is not necessary to trim the fly’s hair either. If they end up joining the chin hair, it’s perfect, but it’s not an obligation.
  • The goatee should not hang too much from the chin but be rounded on its end to go towards the neck.

Tip: Once again, the goatee has been worn by men for a very long time. To pass in the 21st century and give it a more modern look, avoid the wear with the too-long hairline, which would tend to sag face. This advice also applies when a man opts for a long-goat.

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

#6 Anchor or Balbo

Anchor beard
Anchor beard

The anchor is a cool beard style that takes its name from its visual appearance: the mustache is accompanied by a large goatee, which goes up on the jaw bone, and all form a sort of anchor around the stuffy.

It’s also called Balbo is that Italo Balbo, a political and military Italian man from the early 20th century, was one of the first to wear it. Always as trendy now, it allows us to differentiate and adopt an original style.

Recently, actor Robert Downey Jr has brought it up to date.

How to maintain anchor (or Balbo) properly?

To draw a beautiful anchor or a beautiful Balbo on your face, you have to follow three steps:

  • Grow your mustache. It must also remain quite thin and do not go below the corner of the lips, that is to say at the corner where they meet.
  • Allow the goatee to extend beyond the chin along the jawbone. That it goes to the middle of the face or that it reaches the angle of the jaw, it is necessary to draw it in a rather straight line.
  • Keep the hair of the fly. It is they who, by joining the hair of the chin, create the visual aspect of the anchor.

Tip: To properly wear this Balbo, the rest of the face must be completely shaved, ie the cheeks, the neck, and the hairline.

Similarly, the goatee and mustache must not be “connected” by a remaining beard: both must be completely independent of each other.

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

#7 The Van Dyke style

Van-Dyke Beard

Named as a tribute to the Flemish artist Antoine Van Dyck which he was the signature beard (a bit like Dali and his famous mustache), the Van Dyke knows a resurgence in recent years after being a little fallen into oblivion and disuse.

A combination between a big mustache and a small goatee, it is distinguished from the simple goat by not being connected to the commissure of the lips.

Airier, but requiring a thicker hair, it is still especially accessible to men with a natural beard.

How to maintain the Van Dyke beard style properly?

The Van Dyke style is distinguished by a certain thickness but well-drawn lines.

For a perfect look, the mustache and the goatee must be trimmed frequently, and the rest of the face and the neck must be cleanly shaved.

  • The mustache must not fall, it must not go to the goatee. It must be worn straight and rather provided.
  • The goatee should not be wider than the mouth, but this time it should not rise to the lips either. Only the fly must make a connection with the lower lip.
  • The goatee must end in a point, in the prolongation of the face and the line of the jaw.

Tip: Avoid wearing a goatee too thin (that is, narrower than the width of the mouth) and a mustache too long that would end up on the ends.

This cool beard style, which is called the imperial, is much less trendy and has a small side aristo that has nothing really modern.

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

#8 The Ducktail

Pointed beard
Pointed Beard

A perfect compromise between a Full beard and a Van Dyke, the Ducktail succeeds the mixture of wild and controlled.

Close to the beard Nicolas II which was worn at the beginning of the last century, it was once again brought up to date by the hipster community, which generally plays to form beautiful and long mustaches wax.

If the Ducktail doesn’t ask so much (besides, a beautiful Ducktail beard must form a uniform set, beard, and mustache associated), it continues however to please because of its chameleon side allows it to be worn in any situation.

How to trim the Ducktail properly?

The Ducktail style is defined by a beard that goes from short to long and creates a new line in the face while pointing. It is, therefore, a beard which requires patience to be obtained, and which must be maintained by following a few rules:

  • You have to start by growing a full beard.
  • To comply with the rule of the lower third of the face, all hairs exceeding an imaginary line from the ends of the legs to the upper corner of the mustache must be shaved.
  • In the neck, all the hair at the level of Adam’s apple and lower must also be shaved, to give structure to the beard.
  • To create an effect of length down, the beard must finally be cut to different lengths: an average for the upper edge, to move elegantly from the cheekbone to the beard, an intermediate-length for the beard at the cheeks, and the natural length for the rest of the beard. The goal is to trim the beard so that it is longer at the chin.

Tip: Since the Ducktail is a very structured beard, it doesn’t reach its full potential for elegance until it is fully mastered. This, therefore, requires the application, in addition, to beard oil and/or a modeling wax.

In addition to giving a more beautiful appearance to the beard, it is then easier to create this tip borrowed from the Van Dyke.

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

#9 The Verdi Beard style

Inspired by Giuseppe Verdi, the famous Italian composer of the 19th century, the Verdi beard is, in fact, a full beard that has been stylized.

If the beards provided are very trendy now, it is because they allow creating a sophisticated and bold silhouette, especially when worn with costumes with modern lines and haircuts with very short sides.

The Verdi is the ideal example of a beard that can create this kind of style since although it is based on a full beard and rather long, it is not totally wild.

How to trim a Verdi Style properly?

Short and round, the Verdi beard is obtained from a beautiful full beard, but still requires some small adjustments:

  • The beard should occupy only the lower third of the face. All hairs that rise too high on the cheeks should be shaved.
  • The beard and mustache must be detached from each other. The shaving line of the beard must follow a line (preferably slightly curved) that joins the lower corner of the lips.
  • The more the mustache is provided, the more successful the style.
  • The length of the beard should not exceed 3.94 in (10cm) from the lower lip. Do not hesitate to scissor it.

Tip: The Verdi beard is elegant when it is perfectly maintained. Applying oil to beard on it can tame and especially to give presence to the mustache, the key element of this style.

Moreover, to be perfect, the mustache must never move more than 0.2 in (1.5cm) from the corners of the lips.

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

#10 Garibaldi Beard Style

Giuseppe Garibaldi bead style

If once again we owe the name of this style of beard to a famous Italian figure ( Giuseppe Garibaldi, general and Italian politician of the 19th century), the Garibaldi beard has never ceased to be popular.

It represents the male in all strength: the man able to grow a beautiful and thick beard and who is not afraid to leave the natural look. Reserved for men whose beards are provided, it also fits well with long hair or curly hair. Better to avoid Scottish shirts, to not look like a lumberjack.

How to trim a Garibaldi beard style properly?

As a complete, rather natural beard, in which the mustache also integrates, the Garibaldi doesn’t necessarily require maintenance or special shaving. For it to be elegant, it must still remain within the limits of reasonableness.

  • The mustache must be shortened regularly to avoid covering the upper lip.
  • The length of the beard should be limited to 7.9 in (20cm).

Tip: The more the Garibaldi is natural, the more beautiful it is. If the use of beard oil is not mandatory, it is still necessary to think of scissoring all the hair that exceeds a little too much.

And although it is shorter than the wild beard (this is also what gives it its style, while volume instead of being in length), do not hesitate to style it from time to time.

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

#11 The Wild Beard (or ZZ Top Beard style)

Wild Beard
Wild Beard

In terms of natural beards, we don’t do better than the wild beard, which is also sometimes called the ZZ Top Beard style, in tribute to the singers of the rock band who wears really long.

If it takes time to achieve this, here’s a cool beard style to focus on: to be trendy, the wild beard must be combined with a style of clothing mastered, whether in the ultra-classic to create a contrast striking, or in the original to stick to an out-of-the-ordinary personality. The beard is neglected, but the rest must not be.

How to properly trim a wild beard?

Apart from saying that you have to be patient since a beautiful wild beard must grow non-stop for several months, even years, few recommendations are to be made: it remains a very natural beard style.

  • The mustache should just be built into the beard.
  • There is no limit of length.

Tip: If there is a beard for which the oil becomes indispensable, it is this one. In addition to giving you more outfit and allowing you to push better down (not to create a bush effect on the face), the beard oil also serves to nourish the skin of the cheeks that is completely covered.

And even if it sounds weird, a comb from time to time in the wild beard doesn’t hurt. Just like hair, it will prevent the beard from creating knots.

Recommended grooming tools for this beard:

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